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George Strait - 80 Proof Bottle Of Tear Stopper lyrics

You ain't never fell as far as when you fall in love
Except the fall you take when you've been loved and given up
When you have your heart and soul rubbed into the dirt
An 80-proof bottle of tear-stopper will take away the hurt

Give me an 80-proof bottle of tear-stopper
And I'll start feeling I forgot her
Get a little loose and lose her memory
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And I won't think I'm close to dying
Because it dries up all my crying
An 80-proof bottle of tear-stopper always sets me free

It ain't easy losing love although it's turned out bad
All at once you're turning off old feelings you once had
But I found a helping hand right here in my hand
An 80-proof bottle of tear-stopper will help me take command


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