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$.F. - Where.The.Wild.Things.Are lyrics

Aww shit
(nigga what, nigga nigga what) 3x
(But nah real shit cuz you really gotta be careful out here cuz..... shit is really like a jungle cuz)

[Verse 1]
Awww listen you know me well I'm so familiar nigga
Nah you ain't from round here I don't feel ya nigga
I got some nerve, I got some work
Anybody get it, fuck it even Serena get served
I swerve through the streets of danger, niggas filled with anger
Round here you get banged or you the banger
Ain't no pause, you will get fucked over
I speak off my experience, all of that trust over
I live my life at an angle of a devil of and angel
No I can't save you, I don't know enough to save myself
I'm just out here tryna raise my wealth
That shit been clear since lounsbery st when daddy told me get that belt
I got title now, like fuck a rival now it's bout survival of the fittest
And if that shoe fit lace it up and handle your business
Man that lil nigga walk around like he mutombo
That little nigga can't be humbled, he from the jungle
Yeah,yeah nigga

(Yeah what's the word, what's the word nigga)
Yeah, yeah nigga
(what's the word nigga, what's word nigga)
Yeah, yeah nigga
(what's the word nigga, what's word nigga)
Cause I been living through and still I prevail
Yeah you know me well nigga
(Awwww nigga you already know what the fuck it is cuz eastside where the motherfuckingbeast ride.... Cuz you already know the deal long hill never ran never will nigga.... r.i.p my nigga mal nigga)

[Verse 2]
Yeah nigga it ain't over, I'm back, I ain't sober
I handle my henny though, I could smoke up like any dro
I'm on a motherfucking roll boy
You ain't riding stay off the motherfucking road boy
Remember wall st days hanging with tk in front of man house
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But last I heard that man in prison when they letting man out (free my nigga man)
But let me get back, one friday after the movies
And if I tell this story wrong I swear niggas could sue me
We was in still in school, it was hot out but it wasn't summer
Was bout to get it on but goddamn I felt outnumbered
And I never been dumb, ain't waste a second started to run
I looked back and see my niggas still where I started from
I kept going, few minutes we link back up
Niggas doubting my hand, pulling my card, calling my bluff
Saying no matter the odds we ride don't give a fuck
And if you run again next then we fucking you up
So now nigga ain't fucking with me I feel out here alone
That ain't a good feeling out here on the streets that I roam
Member when I said that you bang or you get banged on
Well next day with my own eyes, seen a nigga get posterized
And I could just tell that that shit was hurting
I gotta get it together, that won't be me for certain
So now I got a chip on my shoulder, whoever want it surely a could get it
Don't blame the music, blame the city that made me a menace

(Yeah) 6x
Yeah now what's the word, tell me what's the word nigga
Where you crew hang, what's the word nigga
What your crew bang, what's the word nigga
Word nigga

[Skit 1]

[Skit 2]
Yo you wanna know whats crazy, like?
You never ever regardless of anything like

[Skit 3]
Fuck, if I was drunk, like
I'm drunk too like, that's the thing like
I'm drunk too and I know what the fuck I'm doing so
I'm just thinking like, you should know what the fuck your doing
And you should fucking not, be like that

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