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$.F. - Vivid lyrics

Downtown is crazy
Downtown the worst why you keep yawning?
I'm sick & tired of this sh** that's why (laughs)
*bus doors opening
Can't believe you asked me man
(drop low, drop low)

Yeah, swish
Yeah swish,swish,swish
Swish, swish, swish

We was riding down Meriden rd, yeah
Aww yeah n***a you know, yeah
Young n***as we was
5 deep in a 2 door, yeah
Living like will we make to tomorrow
n***a who knows, yeah
Who knows, yeah

[Verse 1]
Man we ain't used to worry bout sh**
Man we was tryna f** and get paid
Man we was tryna smoke & parlay
We just tryna do the damn thing word to mama it's vivid
Swear it's all so vivid I remember like it's yesterday
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On my mama it's vivid
Yeah my n***a it's vivid I'll tell about it just listen
Eddie had the white bm sophomore year
sh** was his but it felt like it was mine too
We used to ride around town on a quarter tank, just to see them hoes pull up on em like what it do
Got my own ride now and it's nothing new
Same hoes in the city tryna f** with us (now they wanna f**)
Man I remember they ain't f** us
They ain't really have love for us (no love)


WOAH (yeah)
We was riding down Meriden Rd, yeah
WOAH (yeah)
We was riding down Meriden Rd, yeah
WOAH (yeah)
We was (nah hold up cuz this my part cuz...real sh**)

I'm on the eastside of the town my n***a (Yeah)
And I don't trust nobody but myself (Yeah)
Already know I hold it down my n***a (Yeah)
Don't give a f** I do this for myself (Yeah)
I roll me one and get to tweaking
Oh, I'm on that sh** that make me overthink (Yeah)
I move the work to feed my people
Yeah, I pour my henny up and celebrate
b**h I celebrate, f** you think

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