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$.F. - Routines lyrics

(produced by the soulistiks)

Where can i go
Oh oh oh oh oh
Where will we go
I'll never know
Where will I go from here

[Verse 1: $.F.]

Yeah I guess well sometimes
I lose my feelings like i never felt em
And so she say
I let her go it's like i never held her
Well girl i guess
I got my problems sh** i'm very selfish
I just bought this watch in the spot
In hoping that will time tell me
Where will I go be in a year or so

Back in the hood with daddy and sister
I face the problems with liquor
I'm bangin out with my n***as cause my homie vision vicious he just see red and green
Money and blood. stop and go
The way that it go where I go to bed
5 am in the morning not even yawning
The dopeboys diamonds is shining the bird b**hes is chirping
Cloudy n***as throwing shade
Raining on your parade leaving n***as soaked so that can't give my n***as hope
And I don't think my n***as vote
They tweeting a lot
I highly doubt that they knees and floor be meeting a lot
You pray for health we pray for wealth
All about self over here
n***as vampire just don't seem to reflect over here
This where daddy gon leave your mama they neglect over here
Don't get me started on this sh**
I feel like it's over here (2x)
Don't you hear
Now sing

[ Chorus: $.F. ]
Like that right girl wrong time sh** is the realest sh** i ever heard in my life
(i swear the pain don't last forever)

That b**h be perfect. she be perfect for you
It just ain't time like it just ain't you just ain't ready for it yet
(i swear the pain don't last forever)

[Verse 2]

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Guess I'm afraid of myself
Cause if I love I'm loving the best
Not even 21
And i feel i got that one for me yes
But monogamy bother me constantly
Too much p**y to miss on
So I just go and get gone
Ignore text and miss calls

And find another what's her name
That compare to you never
That's exactly what I need cause I f** her
And never let her

Get close to knowing my heart
And intentions
Give it a week this b**h get weak
And you the one that I'm missing

I hit your phone get the button
I sent a text said you fronting
The 2nd one said for nothing
Can't send a 3rd this some sh** that I deserve
But a n***a pride just let him reach so far
And all you needs another an inch
The sh** ain't even that hard
You'll fall in love again

Falling falling falling damn my darlin I'm just stumbling
Scared to take the fall into your heart
I know you done with him
Found another brotha now you so you so in love with him

One night you hit me up while you was laying under him we f**ed again
Now you I can't trust again
Feeling like you'll do this to me
You said you do this for me

Can't let this b**h get to me
Admit she my only fear
I'm overthinking
Always starting sh** when she over here
Now sing

Yeah man this sh** will drive you crazy if you let it man

That's why I just chill
I just go with it really I don't think

Nah I'm lying a n***a be thinking

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