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$.F. - Repetition lyrics

So to see my son sit in his room
And everything and be anti-social
Then that's just, thats well you know just his time
But you know you can't talk to me about why
You know I told you I told them people what was wrong with me
You know and I wanted help
But you don't want none though
You different, I don't understand

Yeah 15x

[Verse 1]
I, just been keeping it low in my location
Sorry I ain't got enough dough for your donation
Black or white these b**hes resemble like dalmatians
My n***a going pro not the league just probation
And I would piss for him but sh** I been high too
This a poem while I'm stoned the meaning of haiku
Ight cool, I'll hit you later that's better than never
Yes I do, marry this b**h called life forever
Never divorcing my lady even when she get crazy
I been creeping with her cousin sleep, I know I get lazy
I cuddled with her sister d**h, she undressed me but then I left, almost slipped up
That was a close call from the lord and I picked up "hey how you doing"
In goes that Hennessy fluid, ok now I'm influenced you ready, let's do it, I'm out here
Nothing but no beliefs in these streets, just doubt here
But never a drought here
n***as get wet up and set up, you in then you out here that simple
And d**h ain't always physical fam sometimes it's mental
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Smoke and liquor to cope with us, that good healing, that good feeling, that "I ain't doing sh**, just chillin"
Respect my repetition this is everyday
I see these b**hes hit they knees but they don't ever pray
n***as stopping by momma house but they don't ever stay
I just hope that I know the bodyguard at heavens gates
I hope he love me

Tell me lord do you love me
I need to know do you love me right now
I need to know before I go right now
I need to know do you love me
Do you love me (x2)

[Verse 2]
Now tell me, where the blessings for that boy on the block, tell me
I take a shot for my n***a who took a shot to his head, and lost his life so why it feel like I'm dead
The stress of life just make me wish I caught the bullet instead
The jealous backup receiver who getting lost in the route
Still trying to figure it out cause dog my figures is down and my pockets hurting
I broke my checking & savings, out for the season
Now I'm sitting on the bench while you ball on the weekend
And mama say I'm going through it for a reason but how, a mothef**er got reasonable doubt
I need money mama and I need it now
You see me breaking up this weed, my n***a breaking down
You told me that your son will shine but mama I see a cloud and it's raining on me, all this pain is on me
Swear the devil been gaining on me, I been more than lonely
Ain't been f**ing with none the homies, yo this sh** is ugly
It got me looking to the sky like how could you love me
I thought you loved me


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