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$.F. - Over Everything lyrics

[Skit 1: B]
You never treat me like this, like I don't understand what the f** is good
Like the other day you were just fine texting me
And... talking bout oh like when you come up here you wanna chill and sh**, like ok
Then, when I f**ing, text you now like your bothered
Like it's obviously something cause you never treat me out of all people like this
Like you don't be, bothered by me
Like so what the f** is good like what the f** did I do wrong to you
Like if it's really to that I really won't bother you, like I won't
But, like that's f**ing crazy your really gonna treat me like that
And I ain't do nothing to you
Like what the f** is good, like It's obviously something cause you don't act like that for no reason

Everything is everything (well well well well)
Go out and play nevermind the rain (rain)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah

I got a few answers and questions
I take it in stride
I look at decisions in life like a blessing or lesson, I'm living and learning fam (yeah)
So far it's been working man
That's what I'm telling myself, and I almost believe it, I mean it, I'm damn near convinced
But f** all that playing the fence
I'm tired of playing the prince, I'ma king I deserve all the things I done dreamed bout
Want my visions to manifest, I want my f**ing name screamed out
Im lacking patience, tired of waiting, like a waiter who been underpaid, them tips ain't enough
And a bad b**h ain't enough
Maybe two will do like Lou will do, I know you could've called that there
Money, clothes I want all that there
Trying to make real moves, Uhaul that there
Or I should slow down, I know patience a virtue
But too much of anything hurt you
A battle of balance I guess I'm just learning my pace
Young n***a finish the race
Cause now in days these n***as burnout
Trying to fit in to get in just stand out
And be you, stay true, that's on everything
Man everything's everything and that's the realest my n***a

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 2]
I been tryna do my own thing, and b**hes wanna do me now
I don't know why sh** is like that, and I don't really wanna figure out
I'm that n***a now
Even right when I'm wrong, the truth when I lie
The sh** that money justify, what the f** did I sign up for
Get my shoes clean and my edge lined up for
Just for the 3 feet b**hes, shallow a** women
Don't dive too hard, that's a pool you can't swim in
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You could silver once she gon still have gold goals
And ain't no more in store man her store close
Now you want the good girl that you left behind at home
Who all settled down cause you took too long
Missed too many calls, too many "yo my faults", and all she wanted to know is that she was in your thoughts
And now you all alone just you and that sh** you bought, damn
You know you done f**ed up right
That's the type of sh** that keep a n***a up at night, I'm scared of that I never wanna feel that pain
I'm Jennifer son, I never wanna feel that rain
I need an umbrella from that f** weather
I'm just trying to find my way without I'm losing myself
Trying to make hits without bruising myself
But decisions won't always match the intentions brody
I don't wanna end up rich and lonely
And I don't wanna lose a good girl or my homies cause the money changed me and they ain't don't feel like they know me
And I don't wanna be around people who nosey
f** Ginobli
You could keep the flying spurs, I'ma take the honda and my family over everything, that's everything
Cause everything is everything and that's the realest my n***a

[Hook] 2x

[Skit 2 : $F]
Psssh yo I know you seen n***as call you man
And I text yo a** too and you be on your phone all day so you really just curving my sh** like
Some corny n***a man that's f**ed up
I was around though I was tryna, f**ing come roll up do something just you know...
n***as ain't seen you in a minute and sh**
Type miss you but you know

[Skit 3: Momma]
And then it, then your like you say yeah it's was cool for that moment
But then you live in the regret and you feel like you were, you know that your an idiot
Or you feel like your a failure again because you just
Well why wouldn't I cope, why did I do what I did
And then it takes away from what could of been a beautiful thing

[Interlude: Rick Gatt]
Oh baby you was like Bonnie, rolling through the city sitting on my right side
Everyday we made a k** you was down for it, and we would sacrifice your body in the nightime
Now I see you ain't around for a young n***a
You be all on your new sh**, I mean I do my thing but truth is
You'll never have nothing better, no one that deep yet uh
Who do you like me, nobody girl Keith Sweat ah
Yes lord, sh** I'm over waiting
Girl you used to be my motivation
Late nights when we would kick it was so amazing
But nowadays you just want a n***a to go and chase it
Maybe I'm the villain
Maybe I just gotta make you feel this
Maybe you'll come to your senses and see I'm the realest
Or maybe you'll come to my show and watch a n***a k** it, and the b**hes make you jealous
And that'll make you wanna roll
(Roll with it)
Tell me, would that make you wanna roll

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