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$.F. - Guarantee lyrics

Damn girl wassup, wassup where you been at tho
Naked pictures in your phone gotta send that tho
I'm in the beamer with b and we on the eastside riding
You got better plans for me well I'ma slide then
I hit the gas station for a goldie, yeah
Just in case it goes down baby I'm prepared, you know that
She put all that ass on your boy like hold that
And said if you ain't ready shit you know where the door at
Oh you go on head with ya bold ass
I make it rain with the wave, check the forecast
Niggas rather put that black cloud on me fore put the put crown me
Niggas ain't nowhere above me looking down on me
But nevermind that shit don't even matter right now
You the only thing that even matter right now and that's real shit really
Let it ring, let em know you busy

Now where you at when I touchdown in the city
I ain't seen you in a minute but you fucking with me
And you always coming through when a nigga need
And all a real nigga want is a guarantee
You got it for me everytime I don't even plan it
We don't talk about it, it's a silent understanding
And you don't tell nobody they could never understand it
And they don't need to
It's just me and you, girl it's me and you
It's me and you x3

[Verse 2]
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I guess it's somethings that you never let go
Until you see it and don't want it you'll never know
But everytime I see it's a yes never no, oh it's never no
There I go, talking my shit again
Can we hit this mary j and reminisce again
Cause I don't know when I'm gon ever see them hips again
And I don't know when we gon ever do this shit again, man



I don't know Shawn I just feel like...
I don't know I just feel right doing this with you, you know
And it's like I don't know everything is just always chill
The vibes are always a1
I just, I just feel like I understand you
Like I know you so well
It's crazy, it's so crazy (laughs)
Phone rings*
Wait, is that, is that mine
Nah, nah that's your phone
Oh shit hold up, hold up, hold up
Shit... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Yo, Yo
Wow Shawn are you fucking serious yo

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