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$.F. - Coming Up lyrics

(Yeah) 5x
Man I got this sh** man
Let me tell you something man
Don't you n***as understand, look

You ain't seen what I seen coming up, hell nah
It's 3 o'clock on the block, where you at when your fiend running up, tell me now
Cause boy I got what you need just name it
Daddy sold too I can't blame him
Just in his blood can't change him, you gotta feed fam
Gotta be the man, can't get a penny for your thoughts
Can't get it with your mind, gotta get it with your hands

So I'm on hands on
I'm hand to hand with the grams, hands on the blam,blam
For your flinstones bam bam, goddamn
My n***a shooting from the corner like he got a hot hand and he pa** the rock
But we don't drop dimes
Silence for that one time
Cause I swear ain't bout this life but the life want me
Goddamn poor little ol' me, man f** that sh**

I swear to god that you n***as ain't seen what I seen coming up, hell nah
And playing ball, getting hoes, man that was my only the dream coming up
Tryna be like my brother
Get rich and give it all to my mother, put my daddy in rides
Let my n***as get a piece of the pie
Be a legend by the day that I die, remember me as a real n***a

[Verse 2]
(the realest)
I mean that's all I ever wanted, Halloween over house still haunted
Man my n***a through it yeah
But we gon f**ing get through it yeah
Cause music be our influence yeah
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Some young n***as, head peezy
Eyes to glued to TV, was trying to be like Yeezy or Jeezy (YEAH)
Now the youngins in the city see me (THATS RIGHT)
Wanna be something like Freeney
Man ya'll believe that sh**, WOO

But pray to god that them n***as don't see what I seen coming up, hell nah
(hell nah)
And T was too young die but I'm guessing that he hasn't young enough, and it's f**ed up right
I'm alive so I lucked up right, go figure
When the sh** get thicker, man the cops ain't k** my n***as, my n***as k**ed my n***as

[Verse 3]
And it got me tripping, sh** I can't trust nobody
I'm wondering if jordan even trust pippen
Even though he got the same ring on the same team, was it enough
Even though he was great I bet he had hate
That's a n***a mindstate when you coming from the city dog, I'm a product of the city
And word back home is my n***as moving product in the city dog, we just products of the city
Goddamn, goddamn
Wait a minute, nah
You ain't seen what I seen coming up

This was like...2 weeks ago
I went there...
Shawn... somebody pulled out a gun in front of me and started shooting somebody right next to me
In the spot?
No, we was out, we all, we had left
We was like it had just ended we was all walking out
Somebody I'm like I'm drunk as f** and I turn around and then I'm walking
And I see this guy and like turn around and he pull out a gun
I'm like no he not bout to start shooting
This dude really start shooting trying to k** somebody
You was in New Haven
And I was right there Shawn I was traumatized for like
Yeah I'm bout to say (bleep) I swear you always in the middle of some sh**, like somehow
Exactly, like I was traumatized
I was like yo, I cannot believe this

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