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Exitmusic - Sparks of Light lyrics

Did you see it coming, that's a badge upon your breast
It keeps you running with the in-between
Notify the station it's the hour of the jest
So empty out your pockets now it's time that you be clean

The yellows of the street are bleeding out again
Bleaching out the warnings of the darkness
But nobody's speaking out where you don't go
Oh, where you don't go

With telephone lines distorting over you
The cracks in the pavement rose when you told them to
The sky was the lid, I was the full moon
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But you let gravity push you

Circling the park, a revolution in miles
How long must we walk as men to be gods?
We come and go alone, oh it's proved a bad, bad plan
You should have told me I'd be born so soft

All right you win I give in and surrender you what's yours
No white flags just open arms...
Draw yourself a line and stand behind it
Blurry-edged, your mind can still refine it

We are all sparks of light
We are sparks of light but we hide it

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