Eve's Plum - Dog In My Heart lyrics

It's time to light a cig
Powder up, put on a wig
Eyelids blink, wink and sink away
Cover up what's inside
Ride the rods and run and hide
Go back and kiss it all goodbye

Oh, let it blare, oh, I don't care
Spray the wall, spray it, spray it all
Dress up to the nines
Clad in chrome, a one shot deal
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Flash a smile and show us all some skin
Shift lips to blow a kiss
See stars, stop to make a wish
Hold tight, a wish is all that's left
A simple toss of hair
A romantic, worldly air
Just pose the pose and pose and pose

Undo the fatal flaw
Then file down the longest claw
Hotshot roller coasted shame

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