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Evan Lee - The Loved Ones lyrics

You, you've really got me spinning
Yeah you, I'm dying to cave in
So take my hand and lets go to another room
Just me and you

Nothing can stop me
I'm trying to configure
Straight through the head you've got me thinking loud, shake it out
[YOU] Right where you've got me
[GOT] I'm filling the silence
[ME] With your fatal luck
What the f**
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Your flesh it dangles from my lips
Not just a craving or an itch
Flesh wound but that won't get me down, no
One bullet through the brain and I'll be going under for you

I spy, I spy
Lock and load, deliver me from
Hell's storm, he's gone
Bitten, set aback you see
Cos everyone is coming for me
Corpses running wild and I see

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