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Evan Lee - Nemesis lyrics

I‘ve got your blood on my hands
They all blame me, but that's just the way it is
I caught you, you were off guard
If you let me fight, I'll fight hard …
To watch you burn

Just wipe that guilt off your lips
Every word to come out your mouth reeks of bullsh**
Karma will watch you burn
That's what you get when you try f** with me first

You wish you had my looks
I wished you'd had some charm
But now you've gone away
My zombie love

Don't look back
Shout never
This bullet's out of reach for you
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Sick of your, sick of your bullsh**
I collect gold every time you lie
Funny that, I was rich before you died

One bite can k**, so they say
Be afraid of the living cos they're sure to k** you one day
And I saw right through all your words
I got to head shot you first
f** it!
You know I'm sick

Pull it to-, pull it together
I collect gold every time you lie
I detect secrets are brewing
I became rich before you died
Save me please save me my mistress
How could you leave me here to die?
Funny that, funny that darling
This all started with a…
This all started with a lie

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