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Evan Lee - Anarchy In Black lyrics

They will fall
Sacramento sleeps
A journey now prolonged until the next one strikes
Mother, Father, oh so help me god
The triggers left to pull and they're not turning back

Well I don't know what's right or fair
There's a monster in despair
Helpless, careless little you
Fight the madness, Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue

You're just anarchy in black

Fight your troubles
Leave those fears behind
Remember baby it's a bad day now
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It's not a bad life (not a bad life)
Hold your head high
For a while
Make these steps count forward
Cos there's no spiraling down

I can't believe it
It's like a light is shining through
And I'm getting through to you and
I can't believe it
It's like your mind is fully cleared and
You have nothing left to fear

Sing a song for
Your prosperity and
Shake this feeling
Because you're worth more

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