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Eurythmic - Everybody // Monachopsis Freestyle lyrics

[Prod. Eurythmic]

Man, I been on some sh** lately, like, I dropped a little EP or whatever and I realized like, like there are really haters out there yo. There are some people trying to distract you and sh**, but I been cruising, I been driving through traffic you know what I mean? But the thing is I been like sippin' too so I might f** around and hit someone like I'm...

[Verse 1]
I'm in traffic with a train station
Get to brain facin'
I mean I'm facin' and my brain achin'
Get the K spraying now I'm face paintin'
Got em clay achin'
I don't play though
f** all of your idols I'm in a pave low given facials to my competition
They don't pave ways they lay low and pose no opposition
Broke some ankles on my path to cop some dishes for my mommas kitchen
Know a couple bad b**hes that'd be down for a n***a
Wanna stick around with ya n***a
Go figure those I thought would be my big supporters go missin'
Now they sayin well the kid could spit the fire
Look at how the roles switchin'
Now I'm the role model
Chillen with some b**hes
They are Christian
But look at how the birds swallow
I been on a mission
Burn the bridge
If it ain't earnin you the digits
I been livin like a giant
But I'm Circled by some midgets
Keep tryna
The kid ain't dyin'

Me and my FAM ride or die
So I guess I'm with the right brothers
The right guys
To ever live life like flight
So fly
So fly

[Verse 2]
I'm sendin' sentimental sh** to my mom
Learned the worth of my words
All my sentences are bonds
Never bail on my n***as or my family that's on god
Then I switch it up
Then I hit a pocket
You can't stop it I'm better than good enough
And those who oppose
Get zero love
f** you hatin' b**hes that love pillow talk
And n***as that listen
Just to sum it up
I just reached my peak to watch these widows walk
The view ain't good enough from where the bodies chalked
Man I'm really adding sh** up
Motherf**ers told me watch
Now I'm feelin so villainous
Bit a mother f**er
Now the venom is in his wrist
Watch as all his minutes go missin'
As all his hours are finishin'
All my homies droppin'
Now it's colder in December
Plus I drop some sh** myself
In An Effort To Be Remembered

Man, did I just k** that sh**?
I feel like I just k**ed some sh**
That was fire
Uhm yeah
You need more?

Everybody wanna see what C could do
Everybody wanna know I'm capable
Everybody wanna hate when I'm away
Everybody got something new to say
Keep these haters out my sight and out my way
Why my n***as gottta fight for life and pay
Our sky's are grey but we gon' live another day and make it rain they switchin' lanes my lanes the same
Everybody wanna tell me stay the same in mind
Everybody wants to claim the fame it's mine
Everybody thinks they feel your pain the famous line
Your pain is not the same as mine
The climb insane to reach the top the game and sign your name
Get paid for all your rhymes
Did I say it all in time?

"Monachopsis Freestyle"
[Prod. Eurythmic]

[Verse 1]
You know you know you know
You know you know you know
Like 5 years ago
I said I'm ahead of my time
I'm leading the pack
My head is so heavy it weighs on my spine
Thoughts on my mind
The team on back
We're ready to go
You know you know you know
I hate that I hide all my feelings
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I hate that you know that I do
I hate that they makin a k**en off telling the children to drop out of school
To copy the flow
Bout whipin' a brick of the snow
Sellin a high for the low
You know you know you know
Know there's no feeling like feeling amazing
Like witnessing growth all the bars you keep raising
They throwing some shade but the shade never phase us
I say it to faces
We pa**ed all the basics we touched all the bases
It's so complicated
You know
Give thanks now I'm Draking
I mean I been drinking to much
Just threw up my sink in my lunch
I think I been thinking to much
It's so complicated
Instead I get faded avoid all the praises and put them in herses
Like nurses they waiting with patience for verses from Cadence
I'm sorry I'm changing
I guess I need maintenance
You know you know you know
They pray to be famous
I prey on their prayers
I hope that they make it
They walkin' up stairs in pairs
The fruit of my labor
The paper
Nothing but luck
Spend some for now, save some for later
These haters keep hating from basements
Embrace it don't have a care don't give a f**

[Break: Cadence & Eurythmic]
I ain't ever saying no lie
Whatchu mean i be stayin so high
Motherf** your schemes
I ain't got the cream
9 to 5 it seems
Living anxiously
So impatiently
I ain't ever saying no lie
Whatchu mean I be stayin so high
Motherf** your dream
You know no such thing
You ain't with the team
I say it blatantly

[Verse 2]
You know you know you know
I'm so underrated
They so overplayed
I feel vacant
The game just keep changing
Where is my placement
I'm seated beneath
All this talent that's wasted
Their vision so jaded
Their taste is so tasteless
They need them some lasik
I spend all my payments
Before I reach ages so ancient
It's so complicated
They sayin'
Curses are crutches
Well f** it I love it
Roll dutches in public
Got n***as that been in the gym that could bench or bend ya man
We been keeping one hunnit
They hate us more cause they love it
They asked us what were we cookin
We told them it's nothing
The product is Poppin right out of the oven
The flow is so basic I swear they make covers
There's no more excuses
I just used their flow in my music
This sh** ain't amusing
Go find new amusement

I just got nikes im good
f**ed with some chick that I should
Instead of some b**h that I could
n***as talk sh**
sh** is for flys
I just got high in my hood
My heads in the sky

[Verse 3]
I'm developing into a better man
Flyer than a motherf**ing pelican
Battling with symmetry
Out in Italy in the Vatican
I need me some medicine to regulate my regiment
Every feminine acting way to elegant
Asking for a gentlemen to settle in
Be both delicate and eloquent
I don't got the energy to be like f**ing Edison
Atleast I'm f**ing genuine
Relative to skeletons
Who just wanna bone but you celibate
I be in my zone off adrenaline
Gathering intelligence and evidence
Never mention it
Unless it's Relevant

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