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Eurythmic - ET, TheGod lyrics

Oh yeah, I'm feeling this one
Ayo Eurythmic you blessed this sh** dog
Yeah this soulful

She said Go and put your hand up in that sand
Go and cleanse yours sins
I said hold up wait up maam, understand
Asoh Black ain't a phase for me
Complacency ain't a thing for me
Ga**ed up till im greater than that sh** you used to cut the cheese
Cut the crap, dont you cut a f**ing check in front of me
Unless you could use it to feed a meal to millions
Smoking while im writing
Hope these hookah bars are worth the cells I'm k**ing
Cause I'm trynna make a k**ing
Said Im trynna make a k**ing
Im gon have to sell my soul just to pay the price for how I'll be living
But don't you judge me boy because you even know the half
Quarter year ago I couldn't even rap
Rap my 2 cents in these thoughts hoping to pull dimes up out the crowd
Happy living, but this nickel bags got me on different clouds
I've had, high hopes ever since I was a child
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Still not a penny to my name
Just hope my family still proud

I am growing dependant on pessimism from petty foes
Cause rocks thrown at your road end up being used as your stepping stones
What're the chances, you end up where chance is
Well you can't put your name on this earth unless you first take a seed and plant it
Watch your manners
You talking to a wordsmith
Twisting up my lingo like lyrically cursing cursive
Whats your purpose
n***a tell me whats your function
Even Jay Z would see Asoh got ways to make your broad just turn up and jump up in that junction
Sorry for the reference
That was a little anecdote for my hometown brethren (Brooklyn/that's that Brooklyn n***a)
Where you at? Future legend trynna keep us on the map

I mean you believe what you want to believe but
Deter my determination
And I respect your trying
But you mustve lost your noodles if you thought that I would stop rhyming, yuh
Sing joy n***a

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