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Equinox Ov The Gods - d**h Wish lyrics

I am collecting the pieces
I look at the remains
I am burying the ashes
Nothing is the same
What is now left of me
Is slowly fading away
The endless path of sorrow
I am back on it again

Life is turning pages
I close the remaining doors
The halls of life lie empty
I don't expect no more
Another castle has fallen
It is dreams scattered in the wind
My mind is pure and innocent
[Lyrics from: https:/**h-wish.html]
Yes it is coloured by shadows from within

Eternity will dry my tears
And banish all my fears
I close my eyes and sleep
Forever in eternal peace...

It is a cold summer night
The moon is waning, it is shining bright
I have lost my will to live
Life has nothing for me to give
d**h may give peace
Or nothing at all
Either i stand either i fall
It doesn't matter as long as this ends
I am not gonna miss it
Life is not my friend!

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