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Equinox Ov The Gods - Opus Umbrarum lyrics

The shadows smile and invited me
"Come to us
We'll set you free
This is your time, can't you see?
We'll end your pain and misery!"
In the wind i can hear the call
Urging me to redeem my soul
I watch the candle in front of me
Flicker and die
Now I can see...
Through the hollow illusions
The emptiness of life
A Shattered Existence
I have made up my mind...
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"Never mind to say goodbye
Who will miss you?
Who will cry?"
The shadows smiles and invited me
"Come to us, we'll set you free
No more thoughts and memories
No more pain and misery..."
The hollow illusions
The essence of life
A shattered existence
I have made up my mind...
"Per DoloremAd Caelum"
(Opus Umbrarum)

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