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Emotional - Coming Home lyrics

I just wanna say I'm sorry i know now that i am tardy
You are gone, and not coming back, that's a fact that i gotta strap
Down to my memory, endlessly, will i love you
I hope your doing fine, cause i know i love you

I call it magic you call it-you call it love
It'll be tragic soothing and moving to us
And If you don't wanna be alone, then go ahead and sing this song
Tell 'em it's not over, you're sober so you're coming home (cause)

(Verse 1)
Back in the day i was oh so dumb, back in the day i was also young
Although some of my actions weren't deserved i still dished out lashes
b**hed bout (Unknown) this-that-how-she got in my heart even tho she's in Cali
Now-we (now we) don't even talk I'm howling (howling) after the dark
For my mate, cause I'm only a dog I can't escape, and I'm lonely as F@#K
Only a broad could break me down don't even call or make a sound
Cause if you come back then there is my match and weren't you the one-that, that was so glad
I was in bad shape with my life? Having to dash straight from my wife
Painful at night & my brain isn't right but I'd trade every day for a pray to ignite
Just to say that I've paid everything in the aim i was vain and I'm sorry i...
Said those things in Wordplay Wednesday i had no means of forming this way
Mourning this day sore and this ain't going away so I'm pouring this pain
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Out on this page now my ground isn't paved 'cause we had a plan
How'd it slam into the dirt? and now I'm crashing into the earth
Man this hurts what's my worth? I'm lost without you why can't this work?
I can't desert the memories i swear that we were meant to be

(Verse 2)
Me and you were meant to be i never wanted to hurt you mentally
Mentioning your past in lines "i didn't do it it was the kid in me"
That's a lie cause i had to cry if i hadn't tried i would've ended the
Memories so this hennessy is entering the inner me
My enemy is own self they're giving me a title belt
Twenty one, twenty huns, that's many buns and plenty fun
But it ain't even like that F@#K all them where's my wife at
I would do anything with any means to bring my life back!
But that old me is dead and gone this subject makes this headache strong
I'm so sorry for everything i did i live with medics on
Speed-dial and denial is right there with it
Mean-while I'm senile the lights-glare-glistens
A nightmare-ish vision I'm fighting pairs of women imprisoned
By my incisions on the hearts that i have been in
My venom is in their blood replenished and built em up
Their sinning will heal their cut but repenting can't k** my buzz?

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