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Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell - Back When We Were Beautiful lyrics

I guess you have to be there
She said you have to be
She handed me a yeltful to cry
And then said, see?
This was my greatest love
My one and only love
And this is me
Back when we were beautiful
I don’t feel very different
She said I know it’s strange
I guess I’ve gotten used to
These little aches and pains
But I still love to dance
You know we used to dance
But night away
Back when we were beautiful
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Beautiful, yes
I hated when they said
I’m aging gracefully
I fight it every day
I guess they never see
I don’t like this at all
What’s happening to me?
But I really love my grandkids
She said they’re sweet to hold
They wouldn’t love their grandpa
Those awful jokes he told
You know sometimes for a life
The two of us would let
Like we were on
Back when we were beautiful
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful yes
But I guess you had to be there

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