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Emmett Tinley - Comfort Me lyrics

Your hair has fallen across your face on the pillow
You sleeping hands clings to your anchor, your lover
And I heed to the waves, crying why do you choose me
When I see all the saved, in your world of beauty
And it doesn't get me through to try to see it like it is
When everybody wants just to be with you forever
If you be with me forever I will pull myself together
I will try to calm the river, I will try to love you better

But the terror isn't hiding, in your stillness so inviting
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In the heavy leaden silence like the ocean we are riding
And just when I see its beauty like a wire running through me
I am burning from the inside, only tears on the outside

You, you need to comfort me, you need to come to me
And prove it to me now, prove it to me now that I'm the one

Now I hear you I don't see you and it hurts me more to leave you
Not to know where you are driving, not to know what's on your mind now
Not how to much you love me, not to know how much you need me
Not to know who called you after, not to know if I believe you

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