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Eminem - The Slim Shady lyrics

Executive Producers: Mark Ba** & Jeff Ba** for F.B.T. Prod. & Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg
Produced by: Mark Ba**, Jeff Ba** (for F.B.T. Prod.), DJ Head (for Yeah! Ent.), Denine Porter (for Runyon Ave. Ent.) and DJ Rec
All Tracks Mixed By: F.B.T. at Ba**ment Sounds Studios, Ferndale, MI

Mastered by: Steve King at 54 Sound, Ferndale, MI
Management/for booking & press contact: Marc Kampf & Associates Management (734) 438-8338
Legal Representative: Paul D. Rosenberg Esq. NY, NY
All Graphics, Photos & Logos: Real, Too Real Design (734) 439-8338

"Intro" produced by Eminem
"Low Down Dirty" produced by Da Brigade • co-produced by Denine Porter w/ add'l drum programming by Eminem
"Murder, Murder" produced by DJ Rec
"Just The Two Of Us" produced by DJ Head
"Just Don't Give A F*ck" produced by Denine Porter
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"No One's Iller" produced by DJ Head
"If I Had" produced by DJ Rec w/ add'l drum programming by DJ Head

Cuts on "Low Down Dirty" by DJ Head
Cuts on "Murder, Murder" and "Just The Two Of Us" by DJ Len Swann
Additional vocals on "If I Had" by Kristie Abeté Swift from The Rabeez appears courtesy of Robbins Ent
Frogg appears courtesy of Westbound Records

Thanks to:
Marc Kempf, Paul Bunyan, Wendy Day & Rap Coalition (good lookin out on everything you've done for me, cause you know you ain't have to do none of dat sh**!), DJ Head, DJ Rec, Denine, DJ Butterfingers, Bizarre Kid, My Outsidaz fam (Young Zee, Pace 1, Slang Ton, Loom 1, DU, Aztz, Ya Lova & Rah Digga-Flipmode), Kobie, Redman, Real, Too Real Design, Jaydee & Slum Village, Fuzz Scoota, B-Flat, Dirtty Ratt & Parts Unknown, Aron, Big Proof, Thyme, Mudd & 5Ela, Elzhi, 8-Off The Assa**in, Philpot, Da Brigade, The Levels & everyone on Runyan, Hush, III & Da•Ruckus, Bombshell Shorty, Eye-kyu, Infamenace, Frogg, The Rabeez (we dat Detroit sh**, baby they can't stop us!), 31, Third Kind, Poe Husane, Theory 13, B.F.I, Y.F.I, Marco Polo, House of Krazees, K-Stone, Greed, Scrap, Nacho, Manix, Laswunzout, UBU, Infinite, Hieroglyphics, Wu-Tang, Channel Live, J-Live, Fosik, Kosek, Jason Mallory, Underground Soundz Magazine, Billboard, SJS Urban, Brian McCollum & The Detroit Free Press, Blak, Becky, Chris & Melodic Militia, Butter & Funky Fresh In The Flesh, House Shoes, DJ Q, Slimfas, Blue Collar, Family Funktion, Jay-Luv, Crush Rus, Mike & Harry at Record Time, John King & Grooveyard, Eric from Showtime (thanks for pumpin' my sh**!), Chris at Alvins, Shelter, Palladium, Ebony Showcase, J.U.I.C.E., Rhymefest, Thirsten Howell III, KWest The Madd Ladd, Woodsworth, Dibbs & SkribbleJam for the trophy, Federation Records, Black Shawn at Rawkus, George Solmers at Rawshack, Roberta at Priority, Wanda at Blunt Records, Eddie Machetti at Duck Down, Mark Sexx & Jill at Popular Records, Rick Posada at Elektra, Darrell at Relativity Records, Humility Records, Sway & Tech, Dez at WJLB, DJ Dez, Dea Day at 89.3 (keep supporting that local hip hop, cause you know these big cats are scared to do it), Phil Black, Chill Will, Justin, Mustafa, Mark Hicks, Shawn P., Eklypse, Vitamin C (you been supporting me from day one, and I don't forget that sh**), Johnathan, Ken, Adam, Snafu, Kim Scott, my little brother Nate and my mother

Special Thanks to: Mark Ba**, Jeff Ba**, Joel Martin, Wendy Ba**, Ellisa Ba** & Mama Ba** for making this sh** possible, cause you know we couldn't do it with out y'all

This is dedicated to: My daughter, Hailie Jade Scott

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