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Eminem - Taj Mahal lyrics

(dialing tone)

Uh, this is Marshall, I call there all the time
Um, who is this? (It's Frantz) Pardon?
(Frantz, Frantz) Frantz, ok, Frantz
What I wanna do, actually
I wanna get a-eh, eh, it's called-I call it
The Slim Shady platter, it's like, with shrimp, like, around it
And inside, it's like, um
It's like a piece of liver that they give me
And they-they put like, salad on the side
(You want a dry sheem or the sheem with sauce)
Wha-wil-- Blergh-hrm-be-lay-la?
(You want a dry sheem or the sheem with sauce) Shu, shu
[mocking accent]
Uh, hmph, I needed shrimp, I needed shrimp
Around, eh, the plate, what are you talking about
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Ok? The sh-Ther shrrrimp (Huh?)
Goes around (laughing) the prrrate
(I don't have a clue what he's saying)
Ther- (Sheem sog or sheem with spinach)
Yes, yes, the f**in'- the shrrreerp
Okay? Ther shrreerp, goes arrround the sarrrad
With ther liver, liver le-(cough)-erl
Chopped Se-lim Shady, Slim Shady liver
Okay? Served, a la carrrot on the a** for mama
(I can't understand what you're saying)
(You are saying the-you have to say the english)
Alright, I'm srrrerrry, okay
The sh-(Sorry sorry, sorry sorry) The shrimp
The shrimp, the shrimp-ah, he-he-hello?
Ah hrm-de-lay-la, f** Mama, hrm-lay, what're you talking about
Shu-b**h, mama, shu-b**h, yeah smool, ah, smool puzy I like
She in this still, what are you talking about
Okay? I f** mama, hello?
Listen to me or no? Excuse me

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