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Eminem - Record Store 2 (Skit) lyrics

[Eminem & Fat Beats Receptionist]
I was like -oh, hello? (Yeah)
Um, I-I just have one more question
I don't know if you were the guy we were talking to, um
I just called a few minutes ago, about Eminem (okay)
Um, probably what I was wondering, um
Is if, I-I-I don't know, I've seen Eminem
(What's the question, sir?)
He did a show at Tramps and his hair was like, blond
And I was wondering, actually, that's not even a question
But I was wondering, um, is-is-is
Is Dr. Dre, um, is he white?
(muffled sounds]
H-Hello, hi (yes)
Um, I had a que-
The oh-this ain't the--, oh this a girl
(This is a girl, yeah) Oh, I-I'm sorry
I had a couple of questions about, um, about this guy Eminem
I-I know him, I-I'd, I know him, I've-I've like, I've like studied him
I-I've-I know all his freestyles by heart
(Okay, can you please lower your voice?)
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I'm sorry, I'm just really excited because something-
My friend came over here, the album (Uhuh)
And, I don't know how he got the album, he sa-
He said he got it off the internet or something
But I was figuring like, maybe Fat Beats like, had a bootleg
Or something that I could just get
I wouldn't, like, turn you guys in or nothing like that, just--
(We don't have Eminem's album, Eminem's album coming out in February)
They don't have it Brian, you f**ing dick!
Okay, is-is-is-i-i-i, it's, um
Is Dr. Dre white?
(Dr. Dre is not white, that I know of
The Dr. Dre I know ain't white, I don't know)
Oh! (He's black as I know him)
Oh, okay, okay, oh!
Dr. Dre, the Dr. Dre from The Chronic, you a**hole!
You guys are so-- you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
These guys are embara**ing me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry (alright)
Dr. Dre is not white, Dr. Dre is not white, you f**ing dicks
Hello? (yeah)
Ok, thank you very much (You're welcome)
Ok, goodbye

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