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Eminem - Record Store 2 (Skit) lyrics

[Eminem & Fat Beats Receptionist]
I was like -oh, hello? (Yeah)
Um, I-I just have one more question
I don't know if you were the guy we were talking to, um
I just called a few minutes ago, about Eminem (okay)
Um, probably what I was wondering, um
Is if, I-I-I don't know, I've seen Eminem
(What's the question, sir?)
He did a show at Tramps and his hair was like, blond
And I was wondering, actually, that's not even a question
But I was wondering, um, is-is-is
Is Dr. Dre, um, is he white?
(muffled sounds]
H-Hello, hi (yes)
Um, I had a que-
The oh-this ain't the--, oh this a girl
(This is a girl, yeah) Oh, I-I'm sorry
I had a couple of questions about, um, about this guy Eminem
I-I know him, I-I'd, I know him, I've-I've like, I've like studied him
I-I've-I know all his freestyles by heart
(Okay, can you please lower your voice?)
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I'm sorry, I'm just really excited because something-
My friend came over here, the album (Uhuh)
And, I don't know how he got the album, he sa-
He said he got it off the internet or something
But I was figuring like, maybe Fat Beats like, had a bootleg
Or something that I could just get
I wouldn't, like, turn you guys in or nothing like that, just--
(We don't have Eminem's album, Eminem's album coming out in February)
They don't have it Brian, you fucking dick!
Okay, is-is-is-i-i-i, it's, um
Is Dr. Dre white?
(Dr. Dre is not white, that I know of
The Dr. Dre I know ain't white, I don't know)
Oh! (He's black as I know him)
Oh, okay, okay, oh!
Dr. Dre, the Dr. Dre from The Chronic, you asshole!
You guys are so-- you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
These guys are embarassing me, I'm sorry, I'm sorry (alright)
Dr. Dre is not white, Dr. Dre is not white, you fucking dicks
Hello? (yeah)
Ok, thank you very much (You're welcome)
Ok, goodbye

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