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Eminem - Junko lyrics

(dialing tone)

(Hello?) How you doing?
(Good, how are you?) It's Junko? (Yeah, sir)
Oh, you sound cute (Thank you) Uhh...
My name is Slim Shady they- I mean
That's like a nickname, they call me, you know
(Ok, so I'm gonna [?], ok? This is [?] private dancing)
(This isn't a ma**age parlor) I'm saying, do you dance, do you-
(Ok, just, uh-ok, I'm telling you, you come here)
(You play the [?])
(But cannot not touching to you, you just-uh, sit down)
([?] dancing to you an hour, I can't-)
Alright, slut, what I'm saying is, would
Can you stick a finger in, like, at least on the-
You know what I mean? Like, I'm saying, like
Just like a finger, you know what I'm saying?
(Yeah, I understand-) I'm not-I know-I'm not saying, like
Sex, you know, I just want to stick a finger up a bit
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(Why, you really want tha- hello?)
Hello, hi, how're you doing ([?]) Hello, ah, aight
I'm sorry-([?] a link to me, ok sir? Be nice, be gentle)
Oh, I'm so-(I'm telling you my every [?]) I'm sorry
I'm just horny, I got my dick in my hand, you know?
(This isn't a ma**age parlor, sir, ok?)
I'm saying I'm not-(Don't call me, the horny, ok?)
(Ok, sir?) Ok, it's not, I'm not saying (Ok)
That it's a ma**age parlor (This isn't a ma**age parlor, sir)
Aight, quote-quote unquote
(Ok, sir, [cast?] the message to sit down)
(Ok? No shower, no clothes, don't pick it up the closet)
(Just to sit down watching the dancing)
I heard that, but I'm saying, can you
Like, put your own dick in your hand
And like, (no, sir), beat that sh**-Why not?
It's my own body, you know what I'm saying, slut? (Hello?)
(Be nice, watch your language, ok, sir?) Oh, I'm sorry
I didn't know "b**h" was a bad word

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