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Eminem - Jesse lyrics

(dialing tone)

(Huh?) Hi (Hi) Jesse?
(Speaking) Hi, how you doing
I'm-I'm-I'm, my name is Marshall (Hi)
Hi, how are you doin'? (Good)
Oh, my God, you sound s**y
(Oh, thank you) Aw, God...
Um, listen, I was just, I-I
I don't do this a lot, it's like, my second time
I swear to God, um, listen, it says
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I don't know im reading this over in the paper and-and
It says you're, I don't know, a ch-a-trans**ual
(A shemale, uhuh) A shemale, oh my God...
(Yeah) *sighs* Um, listen, what t-what
What type of, I don't know, what type of s-
(I give you body rubs, and I, and I go down on you)
Aight, do you wanna, do you wanna attend to your dog?
(I got somebody at the dog, I have to ma**age somebody now)
(Call me later) I wanna f** (Huh?)
I wanna f** (*hangs up*) Aw, God, don't hang up, b**h
You f**ing slut, oh God...

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