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Eminem - I'm Shady (Snippet) lyrics

[Produced by Ba** Brothers]

[Verse 1]
Who came through with two Glocks to terrorize your borough? (huh?)
Told you how to slap dips and murder your girl? (I did!)
Gave you all the finger and told you to sit and twirl
Sold a billion tapes and still screamed, "f** the world!"
(Slim Shady...) so come and k** me while my name's hot
And shoot me twenty-five times in the same spot (Ow!)
I think I got a generation brainwashed
To pop pills and smoke pot til they brains rot (uhh-oh)
Stop they blood flow until they veins clot
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I need a pain shot, and a shot of plain scotch
Purple haze and acid raindrops
Spike the punch at the party and drink pop (gulp gulp)
Shaved my armpits and wore a tank top
Bad Boy, I told you that I can't stop
You gotta make em fear you 'fore you make em feel you
So everybody buy my sh** or I'mma come and k** you

I got mushrooms, I got acid, I got tabs and aspirin tablets
I'm your brother when you need, some new weed to set you free
You know me, I'm your friend, when you need a Mini Thin
(I'm Slim Shady...) I'm Shady!

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