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Eminem - Guilty Conscience (Snippet) lyrics

[Interlude: Mark Avery]
Meet Stan, 21 years old. After meeting a young girl at a rave party, things start getting hot and heavy in an upstairs bedroom. Once again, his conscience comes into play

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Now listen to me, while you're kissing her cheek
And smearing her lipstick, slip this in her drink
Now all you gotta do is nibble on this little bitch's earlobe
(Yo, this girl's only fifteen years old
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You shouldn't take advantage of her, it's not fair)
Yo, look at her bush, does it got hair?
Fuck this bitch right here on the spot, bare
'til she passes out and she forgot how she got there
(Man, ain't you ever seen that one movie, Kids?)
No but I seen the porno with Sun Doobiest!
(Shit, you wanna get hauled off to jail?)
Man, fuck that, hit that shit raw dog and bail

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