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Eminem - Brenda lyrics

[Pre-Recorded Message]
Hi, baby, thanks for calling 9-7-0-SLUT
The hottest live one-on-one line in the city

Oh... (Hmm?) Brenda
(You'd like to speak to Brenda)
Yeah, I need to speak to Brenda, like, immediately
*laughing* (Hold on, ok?) 'Aight
Yo, this b**h is about to catch, b**h about to catch it
f**in' slut
(dialing tone)
(Yo) Brenda (Brenda's not here)
Brenda's not there? (No) It sounds like you?
You know what? You didn't think I knew, did you?
(I, you know-) You told me you didn't do this sh**
This Brenda, right? Don't play games with me, girl!
This Brenda, right? You said you didn't do it, b**h!
(Who are you, what you want?) What are you- I want Bren-
This ain't Brenda? (No, motherf**er, it ain't Brenda)
Yo, don't-don't-don't call me a motherf**er, b**h
I swear to God, I come up there and pop all you f**ing sluts
I told you Brenda, don't be f**in' round on me
You f**in' b**h! I told you!
"Aw, I don't do it, I don't do it!"
You motherf**ing slut, I'll k** you, b**h!
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I break your motherf**ing neck
(You getting mad at me, I'm not Brenda)
Yo, don't play games with me, girl!
Don't play ga- When you come home tonight
I swear to God, yo, all of your sh** will be outside!
You hear me girl?! I ain't playing with you no more!
I bought you everythi- "I saw yoooou, walking in the way"
You know what I'm saying, girl?!
I don't play that sh**! (Crack k**s, you know)
I don't play that sh**, crack?! (Crack k**s)
I ain't in no crack, b**h, this Slim motherf**ing Shady
You understand me? Slim *chka-chka* Hi, my name is!
b**h, you don't play with me, when yo-
When you come home tonight, girl
Your sh** is all out on the motherf**ing lawn
That's my word, is bond, yo!
(You live in a-You live in a house?)
(You sound like you live in the projects)
My word is bond, when you come home, girl
You last now, girl, you motherf**ing slut
I know you f**ing him, girl, I know you f**ing him
You know what I'm saying?

I know you f**ing him
I know you f**ing him
I know you-

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