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Eminem - Muurder lyrics

Detroit, Motown
Hey guess what, they gave us two bonuses this year
And you know what happened? Robbin', shootin', k**in', murder
(Murder, murder)
Robbin', shootin', k**in', murder
(Murder, murder) Hennied up, ginnied up, ski mask, black truck
Dickey outfit, pa**enger side, pistol grip pump
f** it I just did two lines
A chrome tech nine, it'll tear out n***az spines It's a party, go on in and have fun
'Cause after it's over all you gon' hear is
Shootin', blastin', hittin' the floor
Ten-thousand in the safe, sh** I'm 'bout to score 'Cause I'm dangerous, off Angeldust
sh** I'll bust even the n***a that came with us
And this is for my n***a's that be robbin' and stealin'
Carjackin', murder one's, and f**in' drug dealin' Robbin', shootin', k**in', murder
(Murder, murder)
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Robbin', shootin', k**in', murder
(Murder, murder) I stumble in the club blowed up, nine millimeter cocked
Something's telling me to stop, f** it I don't see the cops
n***a's don't believe until they see it's out
Stupid motherf**ers want to take the scenic route, now the heater's out b**hes scream like I pulled my penis out
Beggin' me to put that big motherf**er away, but the demon's out
Everybody on the floor, come out of that naked
Come out of them diamonds and you come out of that velor The party is over, shut the f** down, cut the music
Matter of fact turn it back up sh** I can use it
I need the noise in case I have to let a couple off
Saw another icey chain, walked over and tugged it off Give me that butter soft, and since you buyin' out the bar
You can buy my drinks for today and tomorrow
I'm out for the paper, my homie better hide the j**els
I'm in the game starvin', and I ain't playin' buy the rules n***a Robbin', shootin', k**in', murder
(Murder, murder)
Robbin', shootin', k**in', murder
(Murder, murder) Sh-sh-Shady

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