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Eminem - Cla**y n** lyrics

[Eminem & Obie Trice Intro]
(Eminem) Yeah guess who's back mutha f**ers
(Obie Trice) Shady Records
[Lyrics from: https:/**y-n**.html]
(Eminem) Obie Trice... Shady(Shady)(Haha)
(Obie Trice)Lets Start This sh** Mutha f**as [Eminem]
My name is Slim Shady who would never thought these mutha f**ers would act like a baby (I'm Down Wit That) so who's the lady BITCH wake up it's never a long just so pissed but he's so wrong you p**y's are just f**ed up I never asked why I just tellin Hailie bye bye I don't need to lie just for me to die (Gunshot) GOD DAMN shut that GOD DAMN mouth b**h rip it off (Rip)(Gun Cocks) Homie(Damn, Damn, Damn) you don't have to believe me just shoot me k** me not with Hailie Ms. or Mr. Bailie we be ballin around the party I Gym cla** teacher (f**in p**y) be tellin me I'm tardy (f** You) you know why cause I'm just down with that I figured the best cause I'm The King p**y King Marshall Mathers (Gun Shoots 3x). [Obie Trice Chorus]
It's Cla**y n**..a no matter how we do bounce right up & down cause It's Calssy n**..a we down wit that It's Cla**y n**..a It's so Cla**y n**..a I've seen it Cla**y n**..a n***a(n***a, n***a, n***a) It's Cla**y... It's Cla**y n**..a.

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