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Eminem - The Watcher (Freestyle) lyrics

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Things just ain't the same for psychos
Guns and rifles, sharp knifes, I like those
I might just O.D. by the end of tonight's show
With the right dose I might wipe out this life pole
But, the strangest things can happen from jabbin'
Pregnant women in the abdomen so they can't have children
b**hes get slapped up and drastic a** kicks
Gay-bashin' fags with tire irons and ratchets
I seen 'em come, I've watched 'em go
Versace "Whoa, hey!" Liberace "ho!" (echoes)
I might have bashed of somebody you probably know
Buncha' faggots in your crib screamin' "It's not me! No!"
Drag 'em out the closet and across the floor
When you paid 'em a visit in the hospital
Stab 'em in the f**in' tonsils with a popsicle
Stick, and sit back and watch 'em choke

Cause every chair that I throw
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People sue me for dough
They press charges on me
Till I can't fight anymore
But every girl that I choke
I got lawyers I know
Who got judges they know
So I suggest you stay home

Ha ha
Son of a b**h "what, what, what, what, what, what"
Slim Shady, album May 23rd
Dr. Dre

(Imitating Dr. Dre)
Damn b**hes, I just took some ecstasy
I'm an extraterrestrial lesbian with a...
Ha ha

Cut that sh** off, I'm outta here, peace

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