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Eminem - Light Speed (Freestyle) lyrics

I stay higher than racial tension, with a facial expression
Tensed up like I'm suffering from a case of nasal congestion
Eyes hazel, complexion beige, age still in question
Critics hate my tape, kids can't wait for the next one
As long as there's rejects, my tape never ejects the deck
That's the level of respect each CD gets
While ya'll graspin at straws like me snorting crushed Aspirin
And gasping at air and collapsing in malls
I'm just a realistic impression of artistic expression
Whose tape was in the deck when kids shot up the delicatessen
So when I launch a verse full of controverse
That'll haunt you worse than Ma$e before he joined a church
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I'm sorry kids I dismissed this cla**
I'm going back in the broom closet to sniff this gas
Um, Mr. Mathers just missed the bathroom
Pissed his pants and the world still kissed his a**
This is my last album cause this is my last Valium
Just pick my a** up when I pa** out in the bathroom
If ya'll don't like the sh** that you're hearing
Then blow me til you lipstick is smearing
And I can see my dick disappearing

May 23rd
That means we're taking over this year, you heard? (x2)
Yo, May 23rd

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