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Eminem - Keeping It Raw lyrics

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I'm keepin' it raw, illegal like Malik and Jamal
Cause I don't believe in the law, like I'm Steven Seagal
Flippin' off the police while I'm leapin' a wall
Take some Tylenol, then fall asleep in a mall
I got ya little son, you'll be receivin' a call
You lucky this little punks still breathin' at all
f** the world, this how I get even at y'all
Pop sh**, get rolled up and leave in a ball
I hit you in your mouth and sink ya teeth in ya jaws
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You won't be able to eat sh**, not even a malt
This lethal a**ault, is givin' you a reason to stall
I'm cockin' this deuce deuce and I'm squeezin' it off
At the first burp, fart sniffle a sneeze and a cough
Get your arm chewed off like you was teasin' a dog
I'm cold enough and hot enough to freeze and unthaw
I'll kick my girl out, in 10 degrees in her bra
You faggots turn yellow like the trees in the fall
I'm sh**tin' on rappers, (Where's Shady?) he's in the stall
All that's left of your niece is a piece of her doll
And all that's left of her puppy is a leash and a paw

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