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Eminem - Eminem's Basement (Freestyle) lyrics

[Kon Artis]
What is it my thang size or the way that I talk
Is it the clothes that I wear or the way that I walk
That's making you stare at me with this glare
That let's me know that you're unaware
About this Glock in my underwear
It's just another day in the life
Of me making a widow out of a wife
With a happy life
Yup, better up walk it away player
These hay-makers don't last longer than an energizer pacemaker

Ay-yo my name is big Proof
You know me, holla at a fast freak
That's got R-Kelly's name tated on their a** cheek
I blast heat at your feminine flow
And watch your chest leak in the street like the "Eminem Show"
What are you trying to blow guns that we've got
We're from the "D-Town"
We're bound
You shoot we get the rebound
You understand, I'll reduce your squad
If Will Smith is Ali
Then Proof is God

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Yo, honestly I don't even know if I can come after that
(Background "Yes he can")
Ay-yo In my mind I'm a fighter
My heart's a lighter
My soul is the fluid
My flow sparks it right up
But arsenic writer
Author with arthritis, carpal tunnel
Marshall will start sh**-itis
Hard-headed and hot-headed
Bull-headed and pig-headed
Dick-headed a prick, a big headache I'm sick
Quick-witted for every lyric spitted
There are 6 critics who wait for me to slip wit' it
So quick, this dynamite stick, bury the wick
It's gonna explode any minute
Some lunatic lit it
And it's not Nelly
Do not tell me to stop yelling
When I stop selling I quit so stop dwelling
I am not failing you f**ers are not ready
Cause I got jelly, like Beyonce's pot belly
This is destiny, yes money
I'm off running so get off of me
I am not slowing or softening
"No Apologies"
I ?? on this ??
(Background "Put the mic down, the cords too hot")

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