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Eminem - The Kiss (skit) lyrics

[Eminem] I'm gonna k** this b**h. I'm gonna k** her. I'm going to f**in' jail, cause i'm gonna k** this b**h.
[Gary] Yo' man, I don't know.
[Eminem] What?
[Gary] I got a really, really bad feelin' about this.
[Eminem] Man, will you shut the f** up Gary. You've always got a bad feeling man. That's her car right there. Just park.
[Gary] Allright, just let me park. I'm parking!
[Eminem] f**in', turn the car off dog.
[Gary] Alright.
[Eminem] Alright, we wait.
[Gary] We wait for what?
[Eminem] We wait until she comes out. Man, i'm gonna f**in' k** her.
[Gary] Man, you ain't gonna k** nobody.
[Eminem] Man, just shut the f** up dog.
[Gary] What the f** did you bring that for?
[Eminem] Just shut up, f**in' clip is empty.
[Gary] Don't point that sh** at me!
[Eminem] It's not even loaded b**h, look!
[Gary] Dude! God I f**in' hate when you do that sh**.
[Eminem] Ha ha, ya but it's funny as f**.
[Gary] You're gonna f** around and k** me one of these days, I swear.
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[Eminem] It get's you every time. Is that her?
[Gary] Where?
[Eminem] Right there motherf**er.
[Gary] Yeah, f**.
[Eminem] Alright, get up, get up.
[Gary] Here we go again.
[Eminem] Get down!
[Gary] What the f** do you want me to do get under the car?
[Eminem] Yo', who's she walkin' with?
[Gary] How the f** am I supposed to know? You told me to duck down.
[Eminem] It's the f**ing bouncer. Did she just kiss him?
[Gary] I don't think so.
[Eminem] Dog, she just f**in' kissed him.
[Gary] No, she didn't!
[Eminem] She's kissing him dog!
[Gary] No she's not...oh sh**.
[Eminem] C'mon, motherf**er!

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