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Eminem - Public Service Announcement lyrics

(same announcer as the first public service announcement on the slim shady

Announcer: this is another public service announcement brought to you, in
Part, by slim shady.

Eminem: (whispered): tell 'em i don't give a f**

Announcer: slim shady does not give a f**...what you think!

Eminem: tell 'em to s** it

Announcer: if you don't like it, you can s** his f**ing cock!
Eminem: tell 'em they kissed my a**
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Announcer: little did you know, upon purchasing this album, you have just
Kissed his a**!

Eminem: tell 'em i'm fed up

Announcer: slim shady is fed up with your sh**...and he's going to k** you!

Eminem: yeah

Announcer: uh...anything else?

Eminem: yeah...sue me.

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