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Eminem - Adrenline Rush lyrics

Get the f** out motherf**er...

Verse 1
Hey yo...
When I step up in the bar, everybody hit the f**ing floor,
Lucky motherf**ers make it to the door,
Cause when I spit on mic's I spit raw,
Which cause confusion from the bar to the dance floor,
I keep the club on the vex,
Cause he gotta pay me when I spit, plus replace alot of sh**,
n***as get a whiling,
When my words echo's the room like, Get your hand out my pocket,
You s** sh** when my topics rockin,
I'm banned from clubs 'cause my toxic tonsils,
Loud speaker like a f**ing sports announcer,
I spit the baa-haa till you rush the bouncer,
I rush the mutherf**er in your way who's bouncing,
You know old christ get their yak's pronouncin...


Get live motherf**er when I speak motherf**er,
Out your seat motherf**er, I'm a reach motherf**er,
Shady-records till I sleep motherf**ers
Obi-Trice nothin but street motherf**er
Tear this b**h up till you bleed motherf**er
I would'nt give a f** who you be motherf**er
Punk, p**y, b**h or G motherf**er
Adrenaline rush before you leave motherf**er

Verse 2

When I speak I blow out your tweeters, yo dog,
Show out in speakers roll out with heaters,
I'm just an animal eating the game,
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Jumbo monkey, funky and obie's the name,
I rose solo, never been a hoe though,
Keep yak's vocal when cats act loco,
Where you at when I'm moving the crowd,
You get trampled, mashed on detroit style,
Up out your seats, pump out the E's,
Off the beat's the crowd overpleased,
Where my n***a's at smoking them tree's,
Off the cognac, finger f**ing the ski's,
That's how it is when you party with me,
You don't like it, you L-7 like a square beat...


Verse 3
Yo, yo, since I came I rearrange the place with blaze,
Spays dope with coke-fevers DNA, I'm so addicted,
To gettin n***a's lifted, drunk off a liquid,
Obie Trice the misfit,
Douse'in the crowd with piss and voul's,
We underground motherf**er fix your frown's,
I beat the bore with a wisty tour,
Off a whisky you never been this deep before,
So throw up your hands and peep out your man's
When I come through next quarter trust it in you's,
And trust I'm attackin it,
I hook up the hot sh** like ay see we havin it,
That's why I'm so miraculous,
And hope to get you n***a's pumped up,
I see you next time I see him chump,
That's right, you go through obie trice f**ed up,
on your knees drop for these...


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