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Eminem - 2012 Something From Nothing: Art of Rap Freestyle lyrics

How the f** he got an Oscar
Pa**ed out in his red Mazda
With his f**ing head in his pasta
In the parking lot of K-Mart plaza
Across from the Red Lobster
Looking like the Loch Ness Monster
Dressed like a cross-dressed mobster
Talk is cheap, it costs less to gossip
I'll probably be a lot less hostile
If you snots kept your schnozzes out the air holes
You'll get f**ed in all seven holes
Ass, mouth, p**y yeah, both ears and ha yes nostrils
At the OzzFest with Nas
Bumping Das EFX in a wrecked up Datsun
And dropped two extra strength Watson Vicodin out my pocket
They cost less
I'm a hot mess
Cause I tripped and got my head stuck
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In a wasps nest in the process, awesome
Drunk as f**, one sock
Pulling my boxers up with boxing gloves
But I keep dropping my f**ing binoculars
Got two f**ing Hydroxycuts
And four oxi's stuck in my esophogus
These three lesbian little stocky sluts
Thought I swallowed two hockey pucks
Started screaming "serves you right you cocky f**
That's what you get for mocking us
Ain't as cool as you thought you was"
b**h all I did when I walked up was have my dick in a sock
Said it was a sock puppet
So no strings attached
You can all s** it
Chicka get it, ah f** it
sh**'s bout to get as hairy as motherf**ing Chewbaca's nuts

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