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Eminem - 2004 Tim Westwood Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Status Quo]
I boss how I live
f** 'em hoe
God meant me
To push Bentleys
The Stat Quo
Still slammin' 'lac doors
This squad 'ill blow your brain out
Bustin' out the window
Aight cut it, cook it, bag it
Distribute it through the city
Home get that cabbage
Take it, flip it
Turn illegal to legal
Launder, stay grindin'
Keepin' ya business on the under
Humble moves come up
Cops run up
But most of them corrupt
So what?
They want they cut
So pay 'em
All those who oppose the squad
Spray 'em
Got goons with MACs
Who k** for scratch
Okay I'm
One quick trip 'ill
And get you filled with gas
Broad day and n***as 'ill k** you
Without the mask
I'm getting bank
Like I'm shooting it from off the gla**
Signed with Shady-Aftermath
Cause I'm after cash

[Verse 2: Swift]
The way it go
Just heard my dog
Stat Quo flow
Ha, ya heard what he had to say
Use the words Swifty McVay
I'm ill enough to shoot a n***a through his pager
And if I missed
The sh**'s going exactly through his neighbor
My behavior's
Fatal enough to faint n***as
Old age and cradle
I shoot from unexpected angles
I changed ya facials
I could have you n***as hugging an angel
n***as be crazy
I'm misery, breaking both of ya ankles
I diminish mentally
I turn you into a mimic of Kennedy
I don't go to sleep 'till I murder motherf**ers in trilogies
I recruit enemies
Friends ain't sh**
They take yo ends and split
What kind of sh** got a n***a faking the funk
Dressed like George Clinton
But you hoes ain't making a buck
You out and about
With yo face frostbit
With a hustlin' mouth
But you really full of brussels sprouts
Husband or spouse
Your generation's running out
Because my gun's in ya mouth
Penetration coming (cumming) fast
We won, you lost
You got a witness program
Move out cold then John Walsh
And this the way we do
Emzy, Imma pa** it to you
So what ya wanna do?

[Pre-Verse: Eminem]
What I wanna do? What I wanna do?
Let me see right here, yo

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Not many people that I label would be able
To display table manners, but our plan is
To make this beat rock like scanners and make the fans just
Go bananas, yo, get our planners
That means our nuts for the sluts who don't under-
Stand this, yo, my plan is, yeah right
And y'all gon' stand there and act like you don't understand it
Like my name is Janet, my titty fell out and I ain't plan it
Yo, check this—check this out
And if you rocking with ya necklace out, that's my breakfast now
I'mma snatch it, yo, my style is wretched
You can't fetch it, no you can't stretch it
And yo, it doesn't really matter
Cause ya name I can't even pronunciate, you the—
Same type of mo'f**er to go and s**er
Punch Dre at the Vibe Awards, but he right behind the boards
The next day, so kiss an a**
Or kiss a dick, lick a dick, eat my a**
Whatever you won' do it's on you
Big Proof coming through with the mo—

[Verse 4: Proof]
Y'all n***as sing
Y'all done came to the Nina Ross war
Ya homie's a k**a
But my k**as they cost more
It's all inherited
I was boss born
Put eighteen in ya flesh
And make ya chest a golf course
n***as know that we ain't even
You know why
(gasps) I'm still breathin'
Yeah I got that real heathen
With them steel beams on 'em
Through ya dreams on 'em
Like I'm still a fiend
Noted for mics
It's only right
You see my real team, brody
I do it live
I was sippin' on some cream soda
Heave phony
f** this back and forth
This ain't a tennis meet
I spray you industry gangstas
Cause they ain't in the streets
It's cool to beef
But why?
'Till you truce with or you trust me
I told you Puffy
And you can lose Big (B.I.G.)
I'm Proof
Who you could do big things with us
Spit dope
They call me Rick James b**h
Drip fang of blood
Drip, drip, drank when sirens cop came
Body bag thick
Body bag, zip-zip
That's it
f** you b**h

[Status Quo]
Down a dark street
It's the dirty Stat Quo
Lord have mercy
Breathe, hello I'm 'bout my cheese
The steez, mellow
Cash in the bank
On my grind in the paint
Oh, look how I do live with my boy Westwood
Up to no good
Smoking that good sh**
See how I ball
Handle, handle my business
Eminem, Swift, P, Stat Quo that's it
Back on the track
Green Lantern done switched the beat
I'm guaranteed to my thang and drop the heat
My man Zeke is in the corner with him
Boss Hog, A-town, yes I be them
Do what I do freestyle, top of the dome
Don't f** with my click
Leave Doc Dre alone
If I see you out the wars
Imma stab yo' a**
Whoop yo' a**
Ya f** with me
I make ya handicap
And I pa** the mic to my man Swifty
McVay he don't play

I'm Swifty McVay
Ya bastard out the blue
I'm hazard
I even haunt spirits that's after you
I'm cancerous with no answer
Pharmaceutic, I turn you allergic to being human
It ain't new
It's what I do when I'm feudin'
A sick nuisance
I have ya had
Until motherf**ers lookin' like Rick Rubin
What do you do to fools that think that they can take laughs?
Their face get sliced
And that's what's up
I inherit the power of all the rappers
I gotta be like Kruger
All them n***as bodies are coming out of me
I usually pack a Ruger
Now I see that I can be successful
By bruisin' yo chest
Without a thing
A professional
I'm a king that slaughtered kings
Exceptional, genetically raised by wolverines n***a
I give a f** on what n***as seen
I'll send a fiend to pitifully raise you
And then convene b**h
That's what we do
Our crew D12
Rapping n***a
In take the Nina off the shelf
And I'm hazard for ya health
Like I said before
The type to walk the streets
And the five-o ignore
Me when they see me
Dog, I'll burn you like VD
And that's the way we be
f** you!

[Tim Westwood]
Easy, easy
I'm trying to hold a job down here
Yeah, yeah
I apologize if anyone's offended
You know tune out go to something else
Come back later
It's going down
It's real hip-hop
There's gonna be some swear words
Be prepared
Change the station if you ain't built

Aftermath in the house now
Get yo' fricking mouth stabbed out
Y'all get so mad
Get so livid
Looking for dap from anyone who would give it
Now how you gon' value
Someone else's opinion
Cause you selfish
I'm rap's Elvis
Everybody try to grab the helm-ets and they hardhats
Run and duck for cover
Yo, f** ya mother
What the f** are ya?
Yo, I'm sprayin'
While I'm playin'
I ain't playin'
I'm sprayin' at your feet
Like hey Imma cock the hand
Imma pull my cock out
Outta my pajamas
And cock back the cock
Like it's chicken
Yo, check it out
The clock is ticking
It's countdown to Armageddon
And there's nothing you can do to stop it
Put your arm or head in
Or put a pen in it
But once the grenade pin is pulled
It's nothing you could do
But end up in the hospital
Yeah, yeah
Hospital, pital, 'spitals
End up in the 'spital
And y'all can eat my tender vittles
I don't really give a fudge
Fudge, fudge-packers
Is what y'all are
And y'all get smacked up
At the awards show
However you want it to go
We can make it go either way
That's itch-bay backwards
F around and smack turds
They told us not to use no cuss words
So we gon' not use cuss words
And say busters instead
Have you all bleeding red
Damn, right out of yo' head
That's what I said
And my name ain't Fred
My name ain't special ed
And it ain't my birthday
But Proof can get on the mic in the worst way
And I don't even have to curse to say

Proof's a wolf
Grab ya pooper-scooper
Follow me
I fight to the d**h
Like Apollo Creed
I only hang with b**hes that swallow seeds
Air Force Ones not Wallabees
Hollow tease
I be, rushin' colonies
I'm known by all blacks in hoods
Like collard greens
Last of a dyin' breed
Old school like Model Ts
When I ride on my rivalries
Like 2Pac writ
Put you in the I.C.U
With no eye sockets
More than five shots spit
So you can die hot b**h
It's only one topic
I need profit
f** the gossip
Harry the hype-writer
The night lighter
The only thing higher than Proof
n***a is my lighter
I'm watchin' you fly n***as crash
Like Al-Qaeda
Crime fighter
Guess I rhyme by the mind tighter
Than the World Trade
Bit the jaws
Like Jay Dee
I put my f**ing dick to broads
Broads, dog that's down on all fours
Of course I'm down to get yours
How come my n***as stop cold
When they heard capsule?
The rap flow is good
And they say that we fatsos
They gotta be this way
And we catch 'em with la**os
And how they feel about that?
Cause we breaking they cash flow
My n***as tell me right there
I ain't got no time
So know why fool
Dropped outta high school
Cause Slim said so
Now I'm back in this b**h
And I'm 'bout to ride this b**h
And this motherf**er rockin'
For Tim, a**hole
I gotta do this sh** right
Now Swift is on my left
So it's the way it is
Cause Shady in here
I'm 'bout to tell you n***as right now
Green is on the turntable
Why not do this sh** daily, all year

[Status Quo]
Hey doll, cheer
It's a grown man record
You don't want the pressure
This a grown man lecture
Sittin' on the dresser
Be a grown man b**h to her
Underneath my seat's a grown weather here
Peepin' my packer
He got grown man cheddar
Wheels, ransom notes, and checks
Are all grown letters
Hey doll, chill
Sit back relax, as I handle by biz
Green Lantern on the scratch
Attack the track wrong
Stat Quo doing his thing
The European awards was yesterday
Em won
Took the award home
D12, ya know what I mean
Shawty, be grown
Handle my business home
Doing my thing
Home alone
But not Macaulay Culkin
Stat Quo be the champion
Icon winner
Eat n***as like dinner
Me and Westwood, handlin' our beeswax
Green Lantern on the track
Doc Dre did it long time ago
Like this and like that
And uh
I'm motherf**ing beast
Man uh
Pa** it to Swifty Mc-V
And ain't no flick
To hear what my be sayin'

One-two, three to the four
Swifty with the four-four
Process of elimination is always complete
When I hit the streets
I wanna see who the biggest G
Hennessy don't do nothing but give you lumps
When you speakin' on us
Disrespect you be eatin' a bottle drunk
Turning you n***as all to monks
Red dots amongst ya foreheads
You get punctured once
Slump cowards with Ninas b**h
I mean it, how ya leanin'
Like the Tower of Pisa
Faces lookin' like pizzas
An animal instinct
I eat ya with cannibalistic procedures
Adam's apple some womens' fetuses
Me is just like special nature
I messed up, slurring my words off the liquor
And yes I hate to
See ya wack emcees
Step inside my face
And ya know my fo-fo (four-four) will clear the place
Ya runnin', I'm gunnin'
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I'm stunnin' and it's fun when it happens
Especially when I'm rapping
I give dap to brothers I'm cool with
But yo know
You can't mess around with Swift
Ya just cool whip
Ya soft and ya sweeter than sugar
Dog, I'm just that type of n***a
That 'ill walk up on ya
Leave ya in a bed of blood
Huh, if ya tryna f** with us
He said don't cuss
But I couldn't help it
I take my belt off whip ya wit' it
Because I'm selfish
So I, just do the things I do
I freestyle for you
Then I pa** it to my crew
Then they pa** it back
And if ya wack
Then get slapped
For that type of

Acid rap
Yeah and that's a fact
Slim Shady's back
Got eighty ladies layin' on they back
Yo, but I'm a mack
I'm a little nuts for Brittany
Little to sane for Whitney
Tell you the truth
Yo, Bobby would prolly get me
Catch me in the lobby
After he just hit me
After he sniffed three lines
He'd prolly knock out Fifty
He could prolly lift up both of us
And spin us both on both fingers like donuts
Yo, I party hard
But for real, I want Bobby Brown as my bodyguard
And that's for real
And that's the deal
Cause we got ma** appeal
And I don't think that they can really take it
Cause I always let my nuts hang
Like I was doing push-ups naked
That's what I do
Is drink the Alizé and
Then I pa** it to my man Proof and
Then we start goofin' around
And start spoofin'
Everybody, yo we in the party
And we could rock the party
And we could get it started
And if ya smell like (sniff)
Somebody farted
Or we can
We can do the Mardi Gardy
We could party harder
We could get started
What you wanna do
Proof, it's on you

It's on me
Might take it to the hip, homie

It's like Shady and Aftermath
We after cash
You want it
We gon' blast ya a**

And listen, ya need to quit it dog
Cause Proof is low to the ground
Like midget balls
With them bridges falls
I lock ya a** up on the game
And I visit all
And it's like they signed
They said they did it all
Because they breeches small
But Imma tell you
In the likeness of the great 2Pac
I'm hot
And I'm fatter then Biggie Smalls
All y'all, need to recognize
Cause where I come from
It's still the East side
Over there by Dresden
Where we make their heads spin
Back then the back, ten
Make his a** backspin
This action of crack-skin
n***a, I eat more Vicodin
Than the dots that's on the Pac-Man, board
Oh Lord
Give me my sword
On top of that
The freestyles I got you can't afford
But they free
Yo, they only cost attention
And did I mention
I'm a boss with henchmen
I send n***as to get ya
Yo, it's easy to do
How ya feel about this
Yo, the piece of the Proof
The piece of the clue
The pieces ya need
The pieces I got
On top of that my freestyle
Never stutter
My words are butter-rock
Like the n***as feel about us
I say precise
n***a feel f**ed up like D-Nice, did
For getting Scott La Rock slain
I rock 'caine and rock brains
Back in the day, when ya block came
Get ya block slain
Ya hood aborted
How I feel when they all get shortened
And I tell ya like this
Ya missing the ending
I lift ya whole hood
Like I'm fixing ya engine
n***a, come on

[Status Quo]
I keep my brim tilted
And tracked, I k**ed it
Atlanta, my city
I built it
Watch this
Young beast bob and weave
Young Stata (Status) make it hard to breathe
Please believe
I ball for cheese
Survival of the fittest
One of the trillest ever
Bow down, he severe
Finna lock the market
Marshall and Dre don' linked up
With the boy from the A
I am chillaxin'
Fine linen in my fashion
Bump yo' questions
Why you askin', anythang?
n***as wanna know what I'm on
Riding on my enemies
Getting them gon' huh
A crime businesses
And you need homes
Something I can flip to increase my grip
Yo, why they on my dick?
Ride ya own lane
I gotta handle
Trust me lil' man
Ya need a little change
Here's for starters
I show ya how to come up
Work on martyr
Launder ya cheese
Do cash and beauty parlors
Hustle smarter
Green got me, haha
Green got me
Imma k** you Green

To me it's like second nature
I treat murders like a recreation
And these n***as steadily changing
They laughs like Mason
T.D. Jakes and all of these fake gangstas
They all be awaking
Because McVay can put a date on you homes
I'll engrave in ya tombstone
With urination
Now your whole funeral soon blown
Communication are for fools who be wasting time
Contemplating on making up
I ain't that guy
A grudge holder
I used to shove boulder in the counsel of my Aurora
Get caught and tell 'em it's yours
I can leave each one of ya body parts
Stranded in the middle of different forests
Having police ignore the sh**
n***as get hung like ornaments
While they hanging they trees
They get bombed like Vietnamese
In '46 or whatever year it was
I gotta buzz
And murdering you is all I love
This is Swifty McVay
I ain't by myself
I got Em, Proof, and Stat that be hot
And D12 is over, D12 is over here
And yo' d**h is near
And that's what's up

That's what's up
Pa** this cup
And then we blast you up
Freestyle right off the ma**ive truck
We got truckloads
And uff, no
Cuff no and spin it backwards
And play it back later
Cause all y'all haters rockin' gators
Alligators, we see ya later
We ain't player haters
But yo check it out
We rockin' in our Navigators
And we can sit back
And we can stretch, we can check
Trek, I mean catch, anything
And we can fetch
I'm slurring a little bit
But during the part that I was doing
The urination, upon that girl and
Wait a minute, I ain't goin'
There with my rap
I ain't tryin' to be starting no crap
But yo, I be flowin'
With the stuff and I be knowin'
That when I start raking out them leaves
I be hoein'
And that's six in the mornin'
And we can do it
We can get it on until the crack of dawn and
We can get it on with Tim Westwood
We can do whatever you want
Bring ya best cause
We do what we want to do
On this microphone
Cause we ought to know
Or ought to inform you
That we get warm too warm
Sometimes we too hot to
Not to spit this ish
Spit it backwards and that said sh**
Whoops, I didn't mean to curse
But yo Proof, come back
And lay one verse

I don't bite
But I spit the k**in' venom
When I'm older
My pockets gon' blow up like Brazilian women
You can fight me here
Like some Big (B.I.G.) and Pac sh**
Breaking laws off him dog
And hypnotic, he got it
Although he sound sober
I ain't gay nowhere near gay
I even hate a brown-noser
It's over, he k**a
Got no sk**s
When these twenty-two spins
Ain't got nothing to do with Diablo wheels
Even the bible k**s
I burn moral themes
Y'all pop like MTV
And talk more than Coral Jeanne
The poor foreseen that there is a God
I hope you guys slack
Cause when I lean back
Without the Terror Squad
I gotta two bigger
Then pistol move n***as whip
I leave fool a** lit
Like a cool cigarette
I'm 'bout the peace dude
In fact the peaceful
Since these n***as know my piece full
And since they watchin' Beef too
They watchin' n***as out here
They see how we go
Back in the day
With what, my people
The desert eagle
Leaving people living in deceased holes
How they feel about that?
My truck is all diesel
Freeze hoes
These people know it
G.L. in detail
They break like Lee nail
Crew is D12
More noise than a seashell
Cause we shall prevail
Without the Martin Luther King drill

How you know the main side, so attraction
Psycho action
The man 'ill throw up on Michael Jackson
Sick enough to do anything
In any video
I could even pull out my whole titty yo
Wouldn't mean a damn thing
Wouldn't mean nothing
Like if you went and pulled hamstring
Cause you a fake 'iatch
I took the b off
Cause Imma be off with the switch
Just like you
Cause you walk with a switch too
That's what I meant
Cause I represent, every single day
Pa** it off to Stat

[Status Quo]
I'm so slum
I pull up in a double-quad deuce with no roof
On them big a** boots
White tee, no suit
Just me and my troop
Jam and be some hustlers
We are not a group
Grizzles, love me cause my smile is priceless
My advice, my life
I have them wetter than diapers
She want me to buy big j**els and wife her
f** the b**h tonight
But tomorrow won't like her
Go back to the club
And get a new one like her
And that's what I call completing a cypher
Wra**le with the b**hes so they call me Roddy Piper
When a Stat come through
Your girlfriend get hyper

You be in the ocean with the worms and maggots
I'm what overdoses do for an addict
And after static with me
Holy ghosts will be given a homes
Automatically, it's either that or be rolled in a hole
I target ya dome
Watch that sh** get blown
Like a head gasket
See I'm rabid
And known to foam acid
I accurately mastered battering bastards
I don't get charged for a**ault and battery
They be after me
Cause I smashed 'em
Happily answering
Any n***a that asks me would happen
I tell 'em the truth laughin'
That's just me
A five-star general
With aura that's horrible
I be smackin' ya captain
Turn a corpse into ya corporal
They won't know who did it
Tell your lieutenant
When an arsenal is set
For all of those threats of coming close
No you won't
With a Stephen King mentality
Ya don't believe me?
I can bring the casualty to ya family
And that's what's up
I got D12 in the house
Ya know what we about
Are you a man, a mouse?
And it seems like you a mouse
Running in that hole
Just cause you hoe
And everybody know
McVay yeah

See I'm going out
Blow 'em up
They wanna see me, what I'm all about
Pull 'em out
I'm in the club
Got the snub
'Bout to bust it out
Boy hear me, 'bout to hear me
'Bout to cuss a dog
I can't take it

Can't cuss it dog
Take it dog
Ayo, get with the
With the girl
Better take it off
She got the bra better shake it y'all
Ayo, check it out
I'm about to bull
And wreck it out

Smack 'em with shovels
Smack 'em with shovels
Smack 'em with shovels
Smack 'em with shovels

You gon' make us freestyle for all
Make us freestyle for all
Make us freestyle for all
Make us freestyle for all
Tim you gon' make us freestyle for all

Freestyle forever
Freestyle forever
Freestyle forever

Tim gon' make us freestyle forever

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