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Eminem - 1999 lyrics

Hi kids, do you like Kim's bullsh**? (No!)
Wanna see me stick her f**ing eyeballs right in to my anus?

[Verse 1]
I got a f**ing time traveling machine to go back all to this
And see all the piss that she gave me, b**h
She made me fall on my a**
The walls are caving in and I gotta go ham on this b**h
Like, woah, so we never fell in love so I didn't have to
Go through that sh** no more
It's like a nugget, I'm hugging these sluts
That are bothering this f**ing chick when I murder
And spit on the beat like the d** I was taking
Just a bit of it
And stop slurping the blood off her face, or I'll murder you too with a bag full of mace and if Kim comes to my house and says "Wanna get back together?"
And I say "No, get out before I [slit your throat] and splatter the blood on this sweater!"
Blue eyes, red eyes, green eyes, bloody eyes
Hi Mom, you're back again, rock climbing my dick to see how famous my f**ing life is?

[Hook x2]
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1980, still feeling shady, 1983, b**h never leave me
1987, met this b**h in heaven, 1999, my life was very deprived
I said hey, do you want me? I'm still feeling kinda shady
1999, we got 3 babies, 1999, will you ever leave me?
Because back then, I was kind of shady

[Verse 2]
Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posie
Kim, Kim, be shady like me, I'm trying for the 4th
Stop being a b**h, please, walking across the highway
Playing Chicken, while brains splatter all over the road like
"ricken, ricken", my phone's dead, now how can I call the b**h?
I'll use the payphone, this b**h is calling my dead phone, she won't leave me alone
Spent 75 cents on her, and she didn't answer
Now I'll come to her house and [slaughter her ancesters]
Boo! I'm a ghost, you happy to see me? I'm taking your soul
Well sh**, you don't believe me? Boom, I did it, do you believe me now? sh** whatever, I'm the king so hand me the crown

[Hook x2]

1999, the slut's p**y is so dry, I said 1999, the slut's p**y is so dry, no other faggot can control my life

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