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Eminem - 100 Bars (The Funeral) lyrics

I'm baack...
Haha! Niggas can't fuck with me man
Niggas is crazy, dogg. I run this underground rap shit, and the mainstream nigga
I'mma do like Boo-Boo
Diss niggas right when they fucking album come out... and kill 'em!
Hear the breakdown
Time to separate the men from the boys
Take it straight to the bank, call it Christopher Lloyd
Call it momma's little boy, or 50's little bitch
The Rotten Apple or the protégé of a snitch
The protégé of a bitch, nigga softer than a Tae Bo Kick
You Billy Blanks on them porno flicks
With no porno chicks, only porno dicks
You Ty Lattimore whore with them g-string drawers
And so therefore, I declare war
Outside violator, meet me at four
Young Buck stay back, Banks put this autograph
A Jorge Posada glove on and let's play catch!
(Gunshot) That's for your one platinum plaque
(Gunshot) That's for the niggas riding in the back
(Gunshot) Tryna reach for the shit on your lap
(Gunshot) That's for your boss sayin' he write my raps (Gunshot)

I'mma killa, Blackwall Gorilla
That pine-box sealer, G-Unit cap peeler
I'm realer, 40 oz. spiller
40 Glock killer, 40 GLOCC KILLER!

Ask Spider, I be creepin' and crawlin', spinning webs around you niggas
Stacking bread around you niggas
Every time you roll up, the feds around you niggas
I used to watch everything I said around you niggas
Twenty niggas on the squad, that's twenty niggas in the can
That's twenty witnesses, twenty niggas on the stand
God damn, can someone tell them the street code
The Game is to be sold, and not to be told
This ain't Dre and Suge or Beans and Hov
This is one bullet, one head, and one lost soul
Wipe my fingerprints off, and the gun is tossed in with the fishes
Like Q in Juice, I'm coming for Bishop, I'm gunning for Bishop
I'm the king of this L.A. shit
Tell me homie, is you Blood or Crip? Is you thug or bitch?
Cos the ese's say
They don't never see holmes running round L.A..
Fake ass ghostwriter, get your lil' flow tighter
'For I put you in the trunk of this fucking low-rider
Nigga you ain't nuttin' but Hittman in quicksand
Got a deal cos you sucked a couple dicks, and
Turned your back on Delany and Jimmy Henchman
Just take this as a warning, don't flinch, man
Wear your rag, you from 1-9-0? No!
You know Pap, do you bang east coast? No!
Have you ever hopped 1-6-4? No!
Do the hood feel your wackass flow? No!
So sit your lil' ass down somewhere
'For I have them niggas sit yo' ass down somewhere
In the ground somewhere, outta town somewhere
Breakin news, body has been found somewhere
Now back to the video, look at these silly muh'fuckers
Y'all some silly muh'fuckers; "I say Hands Up
Shorty wanna kick it with me"
Get that wack shit of BET
Turn the channel, all Black Lambo
Red and black flannel, speakers in the trunk
With more humps then a camel
Man, I'm sayin, I ain't playin, I'm sprayin'
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Any nigga in your clique that ever yelled that shit
(Gunshot) Muh'fucker, that's for Yayo and Buck
(Gunshot) That's for Hot Rod promotional truck
(Gunshot) That's for Kanye, and beefin' with Puff
(Gunshot) Tell the nigga that's behind you, Duck!

Gunshot) I'mma killa, Blackwall Gorilla
Any clip filler, Mobb Deep cap peeler
I'm realer, the hollow-tip driller
The rap Godzilla, the Lloyd Banks killer! (Gunshot)

In the diablo, under the tent
Nigga I'm about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cent?
When Jay said it, I didn't know what it meant
Now I understand, it's starting to make sense
Now the whole world know why I took the 'I' out of G-Unit
And replaced it with a muthafuckin 'O'
Remember when you told me "Meet you on the top" nigga?
Check the soundscan, guess who on top, nigga!
Fake-ass king of New York, you need to stop, nigga
Cos you not Big, not Nas, not Jigga
Take your steroids, show me what you got, nigga!
You ain't had a bitch since Vivica Fox, nigga
Last I heard you sucking on cocks, nigga
Nobody know cos they don't see you on the blocks, nigga
Cos you be in the precinct with the cops, nigga
Your whole staff, with a badge and a Glock nigga
Mid-town Manhattan, tryna stop niggas
On the subway, chasing down shop-lifters
All in the streets, talkin 'bout you shot niggas
Then you went in New York Times, takin cop pictures
I exposed you niggas and put out Stop Snitchin'
When the last time you seen 'em with some hot bitches?
See what he say when you ask him, "Where the hot bitches?"
Check the Adam's Apple, nigga them is not bitches
You're reign on the top was shorter than the legs on a leprechaun
Just bow down nigga, accept the Don
Nobody wanna be a hero when the Tech is strong
Their transformers folding up like decepticons
Niggas bust like pipes when the pressure on
See that light flash when the desert eagle at your dome
Every rapper know from now, I'mma set the tone
Niggas real hard body 'til they head is gone
Here come the demons, cos they know that you dead and gone
Some niggas just don't get it, 'til you at the throne

Niggas can't fuck with me nigga!
100 Bars, nigga!
I do 100 bars every muthafuckin day of the week, nigga!
That's 700 bars a week, nigga!
On this fucking underground rap shit, nigga
I can't be fuckin stopped. Period, nigga
The Game, nigga. West Coast Don. Black Wallstreet, nigga
I'm ready to get down when you ready to get down, muthafuckas!
I'm talkin to all you niggas!
I can't be faded, nigga. Niggas don't want it with me, nigga
It's just me, muthafuckas!
And I'm pissed off
Got me all on the front of the motherfucking mixtape
In a fucking stripper outfit, nigga, with a G-string on
That ain't me, muthafuckas! This is me, muthafuckas!
Yeah! Doctor's Advocate, in stores November 7th
Cop it when I drop it, nigga
G-Unit is now officialy over. You can mail back your CD's, apparel, headbands, G-Unit spinner replicas and G-Unit shoes to 1548 South Ardmore Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90743. Thank you, have a nice day

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