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Emeth - Folly And Weakness lyrics

In a world that is in bondage to ideals, the true principle of self control is liberty
Bow not before false idols
Yet flame forth in fury against them with thy will
It is these thou must bring to naught
Their standards attempt to halt thee from equilibrium
I am alone: there is no god where I am
Therefore the kings of the earth shall be kings forever
And the slaves shall serve
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Dissolution of all restricting complexities
Assimilate all poison for therein only is their profit
Through pain cometh the truest pleasures
Folly and weakness to any who may seek to limit thee
Thou hast no right but to do thy own will, it shall arouse in thee the lion and child
Crowned and conquering that cometh forth in fire and force
So that thou mayst awaken thy secret wisdom
It will fill thy hearts with the joy of rapture
And the eternal pleasures of uttermost delight

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