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Emeth - Predestined To Persevere lyrics

Predestination of being consolidates
The will in every fatalistic soul
The lack of reason and
Purpose transferred
Into instinctive fear and blind piety
Dialectic contradictions propagate the
Ominous dread and atavistic law
Leading condition conformity patterns
Which are realized in a
Predestined perspective
The inability to acknowledge and
Distinguish the manifestations of the flesh
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Have nothing with the outcast and the
Unfit they feel not let
Them die in misery
Stamp down the wretched and the
Weak pity not the fallen
Compa**ion is the vice of kings
I console not for I never knew them
A derisive depiction of a deplorable
Philanthropy chosen according
To the foreknowledge
Of the sanctifying premonition in
An abstract axis mundi

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