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Emeth - Karmic Impediment lyrics

Neurotic nature drives
To fulfill the karmic destiny
The greatest human weakness
Configurates the self-abuse
The immaculate discipline to
Influence destiny by proactively
Paint attractive pictures
Of a degenerative tendency
Which makes consciousness predominate
The irregularities
Afflicting affects are perfectly personal
And culminate in the unstructured will
Human beings manifest their nature
Through mutual devotion
Analyzing "revelations" and
Conceiving new "enlightenments"
Impede the development of being
And a state of "oneness with
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The universal law" is prevalent
Consecrate the development of
Being and a state of
"Oneness with the universal law"
Is impotent self-realization is
A law not recognized
Afflicting affects are
Perfectly impersonal and
Eliminated in the restructured will
Ignorance obscures
The "I" lying dormant
In the mental continuum
The ability of subconsciousness
Processes untainted by karmic
Accretions to evolve and
Develop it's potential through
Experiences removes the veils of distortion
From the mode of being

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