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Emeth - Fallacy Of Reason lyrics

Determinating inceptions
Is beset by cognitive
Conditions that serve to
Diminish behavioural acts
Induce by motives of heredity
And environment
Experience reduced to the
Transcendent conception
The unconditioned is a mode
Of exalted cognition
Which requires conditions
Compelled to retrace
An evasive answer to the
Questions of reason
By alleging the inability and
Limitation of the mind
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Withing an imitated
Artificially constructed illusion
All sensible intuitions are subject
To objects of experience
The challenge is to enter
This labyrinthine matrix
Of the sensible impressions
Without getting lost in
Dissipation equivalent to
Produced representations
The logical consequence of
The natural
Exposes the appearance of
Transcendental judgments
Restricting it's applications
In the sphere of experience

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