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Emeth - Stratum lyrics

The sensation of being dead while alive
Reflects a dual thrust of their present being
Atrocity eluded their intended end
Waiting was a path leading to their missed destiny of d**h
No longer a sequence, but an unsettling alliance
Memories of unbridled suffering
Brutal suppression of the inherent humanity
The shadow of the body unrelenting in its exposure
This imperative and universal aim is a single-minded attempt to reduce
The sphere of the mind
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Reduced to the pondering of it's material other
The somatic stratum
The wretched physical existence refers to this world of bodies
The ability to refuse participation
To impose false divisions upon our species
Those who would define the new discourse
Tended to erect insurmountable walls
A discourse designed to intimidate and control
A discourse of disempowerment
Constructed as a realm so incommensurate and inaccessible

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