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Emeth - Mitigated Enmity lyrics

Disseminating the servility by inconceivable craving
Vilely serving the vengeance of those who incite the flesh
Confounding diseases of the body with those of the mind
Odious slaves gives birth to this consoling image
The misfortunes to which negligence has brought
Now nothing can convey the misanthropic clemency
Blood flows forever into the maw of the cannibal
What a triumph - To obtain by threats and force
Shameful vices confines the abominable concept
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By concealing the infamous comportment
A ruinous whim seized without constraint
Mitigates the torments
Images lurking in consciousness undeciphered
Inspiring insight through a mind determined
To wrestle with the implication
More a charitable concession than a discovered truth
Acknowledge the impact of such images
Mitigated enmity

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