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Emeth - Manifestation lyrics

Mind is a disease of semen
Consciousness a symptom of disease
Thoughts the embodiment of sickness
The ways of human reasoning are imperfect
Therefore all that can be thought is untrue
Introspect to de-condition this non-existence
Destroy all illusions and recognize it as nothing
Disentanglement from d**h is life to come
Love d**h therefore and long for it eagerly
As gold and blue are seen by the seeing
The manifestation itself has the power of will
The abyss of hallucinations holds the great lie
Black to the blind who're none in the absolute
The nature of things is in the habit of concealing
I am not I for I am the integration of opposites
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All must be destroyed that all may be begotten
For annihilation is the condition for emancipation
Mankind's ignorance dissolves itself when man
Comes to know: "The Word of Sin is Restriction"
Lies - All thoughts are false That is not which is
Silence - Beyond there is knowledge Fragments are creation
Unreason - becomes experience Determination through choice
Attainment of understanding the manifestation
Transcends the dogma after the fall of reason
'Do What Thou Wilt' is the crucifixion of being
To separate "The Flesh" from "The Soul" is the
Ultimate liberation from the illusion of existence
Relinquishment converges diversity into unity
The achievement of the exalted self-awareness
A state in which unity perfects the perfection

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