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Emeth - Impermanence Of Being lyrics

Obscure visual patterns transcendent the irrational
Achievement of the elusive chaos of perception
Inexorable destabilized by the complexity of events
Rejection of the self-imposed aspect of limitation
Disconcerts the inwardly compelling consistency
To conceive oneself as a static being rather than
A becoming is a falsification of one's existence
That's connected with the illusion of an everlasting life
The ephemerality and accursedness of existence
Advocates a boundless withdrawal from all conventionality
How meaningless all human aspirations are in a world
Which is in bondage to falls ideals
Comprehending impermanence through consciousness
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Is the enigma and vexation of ordinary Minds
A self-a**erting individualism originated in pure minds
Motivated by a pervasive will to power
Repudiates imposed forms of systematic self-alienation
For all beings suffer the effects of delusion
Constraint traditions and inherited moralities
Existence as the imperfect reflection of being
Unconsciousness and impersonal unmorality
Therefore it's never an intrinsic part of life's essence
The perfect culmination of wisdom is a contradiction
Eternal recurrence the dominant mode of thought
The more necessary anything appears to the mind
The more certain it only a**erts a limitation

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