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Emeth - Endemicy Preordained lyrics

The a**ertion of confinements with infinite dimensions
Is the prediction of an artificial universalization
An Anthropo-un-logical source of confusion
The lack of empirical evidence to measure the reticence
Appalling resurgence of purity
A cycle of imagination that forces to redefine humanity
An inherit detachment resorts to a vision of decay
That expels the fusion of selective incentives
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Abating the anxiety of the threatened will
Transcend the sense of moral indignation
A failed purgation develops a proliferated threat
An idiosyncratic theoretical concept is dominant
Destiny determined - Endemicy preordained
The underlying confluence of preferences
Marked by a phenomenal polarisation of societies
Burdened sufferance a grim heritage for the human future
An uncanny challenge

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